Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DKW Crunch Time

The wait for the tie rod ends and gauges seemed interminable but they arrived on 13th April. Over the weekend I installed the gauges and on Monday dropped the car off at Auto Masters Fremantle for them to install the tie rods.

Tuesday 17th April I took the DKW to the vehicle inspection centre at Welshpool. It's first come, first served so its best to get there before they open at 7.30am. I arrived at 8 and there was already a huge queue. By about 8.30 they were turning away cars.

The Deek was inspected just before 12. The inspector was also into vintage cars - he owns a Riley - so we had an interesting discussion about Wartburgs and Messerschmitts. Who knows about the Wartburg in Perth?? I even got to walk under the car when it was on the hoist and look at the underside. It is at least free from rust but you do get a different view of the car from there. Then the inspector took it for spin around the block. I was really worried what he would say but he seemed pretty happy.

Sadly though the Deek did not pass. But all is not lost! The list of defects are pretty straightforward to fix and that is all in hand now. I'll book a re-inspection for Friday and - touch wood! - we'll be on the road in time for the Classic Car Show at Whiteman Park on Sunday 22nd. If we do make it, we'll be parked with the Special Interest Vehicle Association.

The Classic Car Show doesn't have much of an online presence but there area couple of links here -

Update - the show was a real success. Here is a link to our photos: http://www.heinkelscooter.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/classic-car-show-whiteman-park-2012.html

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