Friday, June 28, 2013

Arthur Grady Ride 2013

The third annual Arthur Grady ride-out was held in Fremantle on Saturday 1st June 2013. The ride-out celebrates the first round Australia motorcycle trip by Arthur Grady in 1924. Arthur's trip started and finished in the Fremantle and took five months.

The ride-out starts with a display of vintage motorcycles at the Fremantle Town Hall, followed by a ride through the port city. It's not all about vintage bikes though. Numerous motorcycle clubs also attend and, as it now forms part of the Festival of Fremantle, it draws a very big crowd.

A replica of Arthur Grady's 1925 Douglas

A line up of veteran motorcycles organised by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club of WA

Scott Flying Squirrel, powered by its distinctive water cooled two-stroke engine

I'm not sure what this one was as it did not have a name plate

Indians from the Early American Motorcycle Club

A 1935 DKW NZ250 with old style girder forks

A little crowd admires an East German MZ ETZ250. The second one I've seen in Perth

I was captured on arrival by a photographer from the Vintage Motorcycle Club.

As the Ariel has been off the road for some time with a blown ring I took the Troll. It was pretty much the only scooter in attendance but still drew a crowd

Not quite a motorcycle - a Morgan three wheeler

The Arthur Grady Rideout received a write up in Old Bike Australia and the Troll got a mention.

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