Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DKW & Auto Solutions

South Africa was a major export market for DKW. Thousands of cars were shipped there from the mid 1950s to mid 1960s and many hundreds of DKWs are still on the road. These cars kept on the road by DKW service providers such as DKW and Auto Solutions and an enthusiastic and dedicated DKW club.

These photos of the DKW and Auto Solutions workshop were taken by Brendan Odell on a recent trip to South Africa.

The workshop and numerous cars being serviced

In Australia we can only dream of so many DKWs in one place.

Green DKW

DKW Junior

DKW F91 (early 50s).


DKW schnellaster


DKW Hummels

Piles and piles of body panels

F8 chassis and axles

Gearboxes and crankcases

Chrome and trim

And boxes and boxes of assorted spares

Display engine

DKW and Auto Solutions can be contacted for spares and service via their website http://dkwsa.co.za/

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