Monday, November 16, 2009

Revised Links

I've decided to clean up the links on this blog. Some of the links I don't use any more but they are still useful for reference so I'll post them all in this entry for posterity. If anyone finds that a link is out of date, please let me know.

1. Rollermarkus - restoration of a IWL Troll and other scooters

2. Harald Hubers fabulous scooter collection

3. Durkopp Diana and Heinkel Tourist are dead!

4. EMW & IWL restorations

5. IWL Stadtroller website

6. IWL Roller website

7. James' Troll Scoot restoration

8. IWL scooter forum (German)

9. Troll owners guide (in German)

10. Trabant guides

The Yahoo Discussion Boards.
I can't recommend the Yahoo discussion groups highly enough. I have joined many scooter, motorcycle, microcar and vintage car discussion groups. The advice and support of many members experience is invaluable to the restoration process as well as day to day running. If you've got a problem or a question, chances are someone else has had that same problem too and will be happy to share their experiences.

11. IWL Scooters von Amerika (this is a rather quiet group, most discussion has migrated to the German scooter or Oddscoot discussion pages)

12. German Scooter Club

13. Oddscoots forum (very active with advice for all types of scooters, from German Heinkels to Japanese Rabbits and Silver Pigeons.

14. Ariel Arrow and Leader Group (there are three Ariel discussion boards in Yahoo but this one is the most active, focusing on the Ariel two strokes)

Online Manuals
As we all know, obtaining the manual for your vintage scooter is an absolutely essential step for your restoration. Between them, the German Scooter Club and Oddscoot Yahoo forum above have manuals for Heinkels, IWLs, NSU Primas, Progress scooters, Durkopp Dianas, Fuji Rabbits, Mitsubishi Silver Pigeons, and Zundapp Bellas. You can also find most of these manuals at:

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