Sunday, July 1, 2012

A selection of interesting videos

I've gathered together here a series of interesting videos from Youtube.

A great series of five videos of an oldtimertreffen in Esperhain, Germany in 2010. Lots of DKWs, IFAs, Wartburgs and Trabants on display.


A documentary about Auto Union and Trabant production.

East German advertising

1953 German documentary following a day in the life of a DKW driving taxi driver in Hamburg.

International DKW Trophy at Zandvoort, Holland in 1959.

1962 home movie of a trip from Germany to Sweden in the family DKW.

A DKW-Vemag club outing in Brazil in 2012

Brazil-Vemag video.

Audi Tradition documentary on Drive TV. Includes a little discussion about the DKW F9 prototype being found in Australia

Tempo Hanseat

Three-wheeler (dreirad) treffen in Zorbig, Germany in 2011. Some interesting machines in this group.

A walk around of a 1940s Tempo Hanseat

A Tempo Hanseat


A great video of a barn find Messerschmitt being tidied up.

Germany in 1935

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