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National Auto Collection: The Schlumpf Collection - Bugattis

Fritz Schlumpf bought his first Bugatti in 1939. In this 1929 Type 35B racer he competed successfully in local races and hill climbs. In 1957, under pressure from his family he retired from amateur car racing. In 1960 however, his interest in cars was re-awakened and quickly descended into obsession.

In 1962, upon publication of a Bugatti owners register, Fritz determined to buy every single Bugatti he could find. He wrote to every owner listed in the register offering to buy their car. Fritz achieved a coup when he purchased the entire collection of 29 Bugatti's owned by the American collector, John Shakespeare. The cars were not in the best shape and most required a full restoration, but Fritz was prepared. He had the mill at Mulhouse converted to house the rapidly expanding collection and employed a staff of 40 odd mechanics to restore and maintain the cars. For more details about the purchase, here are a couple of great articles -

This little electric runabout was used by Ettore Bugatti on his state.

A view down the Bugatti hall. A row of Type 57C Atalante's.

A reproduction of a unique Bugatti La Royale. This car was built from original plans, according to traditional methods with new old stock parts.

Bugatti Atalante

Exposed chassis and engine

More Atalante's

A row of Bugatti's in the main hall. The middle car is a 1929 Type 40 "sahara" bodied utility used in a 1929 speed record attempt across the Sahara desert.

1931 Bugatti Type 46 roadster

1929 Bugatti Type 43

A remarkably modern 1936 Bugatti Type 57 with customised, streamlined bodywork.

Bugatti Type 101 Sedan

Bugatti Type 101 Cabriolet

Bugatti Type 50

1929 Bugatti Type 40 Fiacre bodywork

1932 Bugatti Type 55

1933 Bugatti Type 46 custom roadster

The new Bugatti

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