Monday, February 23, 2015

75 Anniversary of Hanomag Diesel Rekordwagen book

75 year Anniversary of world record runs in Dessau
The Hanomag-diesel from Hannover

(Holger Eggers and Horst-Dieter Görg, editors.)

In February 1939 Karl Haeberle, an engineer from the Hanomag company of Hannover, set four world records in a 1.9 litre diesel streamliner on the highway at Dessau. The records stood until the late 1950s.

75 years later, the Hanomag rekordwagen, the original of which had been lost in the war, has been slowly reconstructed using the original designs and surviving components. The reconstruction of this technological marvel of history has been completed with the help of numerous sponsors and the commitment of a dedicated group of enthusiasts.

This book, richly illustrated with photographs, documents both the extraordinary and fascinating project to reconstruct the diesel world record car, and the Hanomag Company’s contribution to history and diesel technology.

The book includes:

  • a 1939 review of the life story of the car’s brilliant designer, Lazar Schargorodsky;
  • a look at historical examples of diesel vehicles;
  • the beginning of the work-ups of the replica;
  • the ‘virtual’ resurrection of the vehicle;
  • the making of a professional designer model;
  • the actual reconstruction;
  • the first presentations of the project in public, and;
  • detailed documentation of the historical record week exhibition in Dessau in October 2014, including international press reports.

This project was initiated by the Working Group, Technical and Industrial History in the region of Hannover (AK TIG). The vehicle is a key exhibit in the history of technology collection of Hanomag IG, which is a part of the "Hanomag Foundation" for the preservation of cultural values.

The book was released at the Essen Technoclassica in April 2015.

80 pages, about 130 mostly color illustrations, hardcover, 22 x 27 cm (Din A4 landscape), ISBN 978-3-923976-97-3, Leuenhagen and Paris, Hanover, € 19.90 plus € 4.90 flat rate shipping costs. and

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