Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rear Engine Car Day Photos

One year ago members of the Special Interest Vehicle Association proposed to host a rear engine car show event. At the time we speculated that 25-30 cars covering half a dozen marques would make for a successful show. Months of hard work organising the show paid off on Monday 28th September 2015 when 70 cars covering 16 marques arrived in Kings Square, Fremantle. The variety of cars and marques attending far exceeded our expectations and really made for an exceptional display. On behalf of the members and committee of SIVA I would like to thank everyone who bought along their cars. I would also like to thank the SIVA committee and members who assisted with planning and support.

I must admit that I underestimated the amount of running around involved on the day so I didn't take as many photos as should have. This photo summary of the day also includes photos by John Waterhouse, Mark Bird, Tony Wong, Rhys Mitchell, Ashley Rogers, Pat Danner and VW Jon of the VW Club of Western Australia (

Firstly - the weather. It was beautiful blue skies and a pleasant breeze all day. Last year on this day the German and French Car Days were washed away in a torrential downpour.

The 60th anniversary of the Karmann Ghia was celebrated with a display at the town hall end of Kings Square. Five Karmann's were present.

This grey Karmann is for sale from Mean Machines

Steffen and Shelly's Karmann

Graham's lovely 1970 coupe

Another Karmann from Mean Machines. This is a recent import from South Africa and is also for sale.

What it was all about - rear engines.

Mean Machines Kombi

Renault row

Renault Floride and Renault 10

Renault 10 and Renault 8

Renault 10 and Renault 8 Gordini

Renault Caravelle

Renault 8 Gordini racer

Renault 4CVs

Renault 4CV

The four Renault 4CV 750s make quite a statement

Renault rear engines

Renault Alpine A310 and GTS Turbo

Three gorgeous Renault-Alpine A110s

Porsche 356s

Porsche Club of WA

2015 Porsche 911 loaned by the Porsche Centre Perth

The ring of Volkswagens

The red and white Beetle has just completed its restoration and this was its first show. The 18 year old owner received an award for his efforts.

Type 3 and Type 2 Kombi

An absolutely beautiful Type 1 Kombi

The front Kombi is a 4x4 Synchro built by Steyr-Puch.

Kombis in the carpark

Another stunning bus

Two rat Kombis parked outside Kings Square

A view towards the 'other' section - and what a section!

The oldest car in the show was this 1909 Schacht. Schacht were an American company who built archaic-style high-wheeler cars. At this time, most car manufacturers were building distinctively 'car-like' cars, like the Model T Ford, but in rural USA, high-wheelers were still popular thanks to their high road clearance.

A view into the engine bay. The car has a two cylinder boxer engine, lubricated by a total loss system (hence the cardboard drop sheets). The car is quite roadworthy and the owner drove the car to the show.

A trio of American Corvairs. From left to right - a Corvair Rampside ute, late model Corvair Monza Corso coupe and a early model Corvair Monza four door.

The Rampside

Two Manx Beach Buggies

Hillman Imp Californian coupe. The Californian was targeted to the American market and is a rare import into Australia. The Imp enjoyed great rally success.

The Smart car is almost the only modern car with a rear engine. Importation of the Smart car into Australia stopped last year so they will undoubtedly become something of a collectors item.

One of the most recognizable cars of all time - the Delorean. It is always a crowd favourite.

1967 Hillman Imp. All up there were three Imps at the show - something of a record around here.

Two NSU Prinz IIIs

Two German NSU's and a French Simca 1000. I had the pleasure of driving the red NSU to the show.

An NSU 1200 TT. Like the Imp, these cars enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) great rally and race success.

Fiat 500s

An early 50s Fiat 500 with suicide doors.

Fiat with street vendors. The vendors market beside the car show added a pleasant atmosphere to the show.

The oddball row - a Messerschmitt KR200, Nobel 200, and my Tatraplan

The Tatraplan and Nobel.

There was a lot of interest in the layout of the Tatra's engine.

The extraordinary Purvis Eureka. With its hood, bonnet and engine bay open it certainly looked space age.

The Bufori Mark II is another custom car built by an Australian company in Malaysia. This car is for sale.

Possibly the most extraordinary car ever built - the Amphicar. The car is a strange amalgam of ideas. An amphibious car, built by a German company, powered by a British Triumph Herald engine, and targeting a virtually non-existent market in American. It's no wonder the car was never particularly successful. Nevertheless several thousand were built. Thanks to the inevitable rust, few remain and most are in museum, not on the road. This car is one of three Amphicars known in Perth and we were extremely pleased to have it in the show.

A peak into the Amphicar engine bay

An at the end of the show is the passing parade...


Porsche 356


Porsche's and Fiat

The Purvis Eureka is completely transformed when it hits the road. Full on 1970s styling - a little Ferrari Testarosa.

Messerschmitt and Renault.

An Australian made Country Buggy sits forelorn in Kings Square waiting to be driven home. These iconic and rare machines are the epitome of industrial engineering - slab-sided and style-less. They're totally excellent!

The last cars standing. Stef's Renault Alpine and Shelly's Karmann Ghia wait their turn. What a great show it was. Until next time.....

Special thanks must go to our sponsors and supporters:
The City of Fremantle;
Shannons Insurance ;
 Mean Machines;
The Porsche Centre and;
The West Australian