Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arthur Grady Ride Out 2012

Saturday 2nd June was another glorious sunny day and officially the second day of winter (!). As part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival a motorcycle ride out and display was held at the Fremantle Town Hall.

Last year a ride out and display was held to commemorate Freo lad Arthur Grady's 1924 circumnavigation of Australia on a Douglas motorcycle. That was a pretty rough and rugged trip in those days through country without roads or facilities. The trip took 5 months.

Here is a link to some details of his trip along with photos from last year's display. The display was organized by the Fremantle City Council and involved several motorcycle clubs.

This isn't Arthur's actual bike of course, but a later model 1925 Douglas with suitable props.

At the Town Hall end was a display of pre-30's motorcycles.

1920s BSA



Gents from the Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA (photo Jon Whiteman)

The display was very well attended.

I was running very late, arriving just on 11am when the run was setting out. Over the past six weeks I've been all about the car and the bikes and scooters have been neglected. As a result the Leader was running terribly. I'll need to give her some TLC over the next couple of weeks.

There was a good display by the Early American Motorcycle Club.

1916 Harley-Davidson board-track racer


A greasy Harley-Davidson


Busy traffic all morning.

Classic British - Royal Enfield, Triumph and Matchless

Riders, start your engines!

1951 Ariel NH and an NSU behind

1971 Jawa Californian, my Ariel and a 1940s Indian

There was a lot of interest in the Ariel and I was kept very busy talking to lots of people.

1955 NSU Max 250cc four stroke


Chinese Chiang-Jiang outfit

A truck engine on two wheels.

Links to some more photos:-