Thursday, May 13, 2021

Classic Cars and Coffee Sunday 23rd May 2021

Due to covid hysteria, the April Classic Cars and Coffee was cancelled. For the May show, rainstorms were forecast for later in the day. Fortunately the morning was generally clear.

I drove our Volkswagen Karmann Ghia because it was Molly's turn and she has the best functioning windscreen wipers.

And I got to park next to Darren and Hazel's lovely VW Beetle.

A British Marcos.

And a British TVR

Jaguar XK - if you were wondering

Porsche 356


Volvo P1800

Alfa Romeo Guilia Spyder

Fiat 124

Alpine 310A

Alpine GTA

Panhard and Renault 8


Suzuki Re5 with rotary engine

Sunbeam Alpine

The Willys-Overland looks like it's speeding even when standing still

Citroen CX and Rolls-Royce

Holden HR

An interesting newcomer - Humber military ambulance

See you on Sunday 20th June 2021