Sunday, June 13, 2021

New project - 1954 Berini M13 and BSA Bicycle

Because I like nothing more than having many projects on the go at the same time, I've picked up a Berini M13 autocycle motor, mounted on a 1930s BSA bicycle. 

The BSA is in very good condition and only needs a little clean up. I have decided however to replace the racing handle bars as I find it quite uncomfortable to be leaning forward while riding. I'm also going to fit hand brakes as the rear brake really doesn't provide enough stopping power.

I tried turning the racing bars around to get a feel for a more comfortable riding position.

Now the Berini. Autocycles were a popular accessory appearing in the 1920s that enabled a simple bicycle to become powered. DKW made its name originally with the 'Das Klein Wunder' Hifsmotor, a clip on bicycle engine in 1919. The DKW Hifsmotor was clipped over the rear wheel and provided its drive through a belt to the wheel hub.

I mention the DKW Hilfsmotor as the Berini M13 is it's cousin. In the chaos of the post-war period, one of DKW's motorcycle engineers, Bernhard Neumann, arrived in Holland in 1948 looking for work with a set of DKW motorcycle plans in his pocket. In partnership with two Dutch engineers, he developed a new version of the Hilfsmotor, but after trials they decided to simplify the engine and make it front mounted. This became the 32cc Berini M13.

The engine is extremely simple. It is mounted to the bicycle frame and is suspended slightly above the front wheel by a spring loaded lever. With the ignition on fuel in the eggs shaped petrol tank, the rider simply pedals along as normal and when the appropriate speed is reach, the engine is dropped down and contact with the wheel on the roller drive fires the engine and you chug away at a blistering 10-15 kph.

Something else to keep me busy! 

Dutch Berini club