Sunday, May 15, 2022

1950 Gutbrod Superior

Gutbrod were a small volume commercial and motorcycle manufacturer founded in Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1926. They traded under the brand name 'Standard.' In 1932, Gutbrod released the Standard Superior, a small budget car designed according to design patents by Josef Ganz. Modern writers have claimed that this vehicle was the genesis of the Volkswagen, although the two vehicles are in no way alike. You can read more about the Standard Superior here:

Gutbrod revived its fortunes in the aftermath of the Second World War, manufacturing light commercials and, in 1949, introducing a small two-seater coupe, called the Gutbrod Superior. These handsome little cars were powered by a water-cooled, twin-cylinder two-stroke engine mounted transversely in the engine bay. The standard model's engine was 600cc while the luxus model recieved a 700cc engine. The Superior was in production until 1954 and some 7500 examples were built.