Sunday, February 21, 2021

West Australian Racing Museum

Sunday 21st February 2021 should have been Classic Cars and Coffee, but after the State Government's hysterical 'snap lockdown' in response to a single case of Covid (which turned out not to have spread to any other person - does anyone not notice the yawning credibility gap here?), additional conditions and paperwork has been slapped on all event organizers. The organizers were unable to address the sudden new requirements so the event was cancelled.

If you are really concerned about this issue, check out the Department of Health stats and let the numbers sink in.  

Some of the members of my club (not 'my' club), KBG, decided we would do something anyway. We chose to drive/ride to the WA Racing Museum open day. The WA Racing Museum has an open day once a year so the timing worked out really well.

My DKW F94. It was a terrific run on the freeway where I got to run her at full speed.

Greg's lovely Renault Dauphine. You don't see many of these gorgeous cars around these days.

John's 1944 VW Kubelwagen

Steve's Kawasaki

Richard's Vincent

The huge workshop

The museum collection.

The majority of these racers are Formula Junior class.

Speedway racer

A little wall art

For more information about the WA Racing Museum, check out their website here:
If you get the chance, visit them on one of their open days.