Friday, June 28, 2013

Arthur Grady Ride 2013

The third annual Arthur Grady ride-out was held in Fremantle on Saturday 1st June 2013. The ride-out celebrates the first round Australia motorcycle trip by Arthur Grady in 1924. Arthur's trip started and finished in the Fremantle and took five months.

The ride-out starts with a display of vintage motorcycles at the Fremantle Town Hall, followed by a ride through the port city. It's not all about vintage bikes though. Numerous motorcycle clubs also attend and, as it now forms part of the Festival of Fremantle, it draws a very big crowd.

A replica of Arthur Grady's 1925 Douglas

A line up of veteran motorcycles organised by the Vintage Motor Cycle Club of WA

Scott Flying Squirrel, powered by its distinctive water cooled two-stroke engine

I'm not sure what this one was as it did not have a name plate

Indians from the Early American Motorcycle Club

A 1935 DKW NZ250 with old style girder forks

A little crowd admires an East German MZ ETZ250. The second one I've seen in Perth

I was captured on arrival by a photographer from the Vintage Motorcycle Club.

As the Ariel has been off the road for some time with a blown ring I took the Troll. It was pretty much the only scooter in attendance but still drew a crowd

Not quite a motorcycle - a Morgan three wheeler

The Arthur Grady Rideout received a write up in Old Bike Australia and the Troll got a mention.

Monday, June 3, 2013

National Motoring Heritage Day, Perth 2013

Sunday 19th May 2013 was Australian National Motoring Heritage day and auto and motoring clubs all around the country celebrate with rallies and shows. Once again the Veteran Car Club put on a display at Langley Park in Perth.

With an astonishing loud rumble an American La France makes its dramatic entrance.

Vintage 1920s. ... and a Fiat.

BSA motorcycles and an early Franklin.

A rare Franklin with its air-cooled four cylinder engine.

Maxwell and Dennis fire engine.

The American La France. America La France specialised in trucks and fire engines but in the pre-First World War period some were converted into two seat roadsters like this beast. Everything about the car is enormous - the huge straight six engine, massive cast iron wheels, truck tyres and chain drive.

America La France survives to this day manufacturing fire engines and emergency service vehicles.

Fordson van

Veteran Rover.

Ford Model T van in Boans livery.

Morris racer with a vinyl body work

Bentley, also with vinyl bodywork

1946 Jaguar SS

1954 MG TF


Austin service van

1952 Cadillac