Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Motorcycle Club WA Swap Meet 2012

The annual Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA swap meet was held on Sunday 25th March 2012. After a bit of a slow start it proved to be a good day with an impressive turnout for the display and swap meet.

Bikes started arriving for the display from 6.45am

Setting up

John W and Norm C admiring John's 1929 DKW.

1929 DKW E300

1927 Triumph 500 Delux

1927 BSA outfit

1929 Francis-Barnett Cruiser. The Cruiser was one of the first British bikes to feature enclosed mechanicals. One of these bikes appeared on the British "Heartbeat" TV program.

BSA Bantam

1959 Triumph Speed Twin

1968 Jawa

1972 Jawa Californian

A French Motobecane 125

1956 AJS

BSA Gold Star. There were 13 BSAs on display.

Now this is a BSA

1951 Ariel NH 350

1935 Ariel Four Square 600cc and a Matchless

I think it looks splendid in its unrestored condition

A couple of 1950s BSA and the Leader

1942 BSA in military trim

1940 Velocette 350 in military trim

Despatch rider's telephone

BMW R69s

1949 HRD Vincent Rapide 1000cc and 1945 Indian Chief 1200cc

1926 Harley-Davidson 1200cc original and unrestored


1942 Harley-Davidson

1946 Indian Chief 1200cc



Harley-Davidson's first financial catastrophe - the Harley-Davidson Aermacchi. Aermacchi were a successful Italian sports bike company until Harley-Davidson took them over in 1974 and ran them into the ground. In 1978 Harley sold Aermacchi to the Italian company Cagiva, owned by the Castiglioni family. Sadly Harley-Davidson seemed to learn nothing from its experience, buying the Italian sports bike brand MV Agusta from Castigliona for US$109m in 2008. Sales were poor, debts were high and one year later Harley-Davidson sold MV Agusta back to Castiglioni for 1 euro!

There were some interesting bikes out in the carpark. Here is a 1958 Triumph 500cc bathtub model and a 2008 custom Triumph Manx Thruxton.

A latecomer arrives and causes a bit of sensation. 1948 Dnepr K750M

The Dnepr is manhandled into the hall

And draws an admiring crowd

Owner Ray has done a great job kitting the bike out with Soviet military trim

The display drew a considerable crowd

The gentlemen's quarter

The swap meet

Also drew quite a crowd

There was a range of stuff for sale from fully running bikes to.... rusty bits and bobs

Motobecane and bits

Dodge ute

An interesting little local lightweight. A Sachs engined Pagron 50cc moped

Ariel engined racer

A rusty later model BSA Bantam. A bit rough but looks to be all there.

An interesting looking sidecar and assorted pieces

Another BSA frame

European tanks

Ducati engine

A surprising acquisition. A couple of young guys found this DKW engine. It looks like a 50cc Hummel engine to me.