Monday, February 28, 2011

All Italian Car Day, 2011 - Part Two

Early in the year I spoke to John about potentially bringing the Nazzaro out of 'retirement' and showing her a couple of events. John was keen and got some guys working on the car to get it roadworthy. The clutch and gearbox both needed a bit of work and the tyres are a bit worn. As the Italian Car day got closer it became apparent though that the repairs weren't going to completed in time. However, John generously agreed to let us trailer the car to the show. It was a great day out and it was good to see the interest shown in the car. Next year we hope to have the car out to a few more events under its own steam!
My brother Craig unveils the Nazzaro
Polished up and ready to roll
Strapped down safely. Kim of White Knight Towing Service did an excellent job transporting the car. He can contacted on 0414328225

In position with our display. We had a lovely shady spot all morning

And immediately people gather, "What is it? A Fiat?" I enjoyed talking to people about the car and Felize Nazzaro and we met a lot of interesting people. It's good to know there are alot of real auto enthusiasts out there. Here's a link to more details about Felize Nazzaro, his cars and career.

Next year we hope to drive it there.

John, my father Peter, and brother Craig. Thanks gentlemen for all your help.
View over the field... still nice and shady
One of the stars of the show - 1923 Alfa Romeo RL Targa Florio. This amazing racer took nine years to restore. Last year it was trailered to the show but this year it was running.
Ten years have passed between the Nazzaro and the Alfa Romeo - both of whom raced the Targa Florio. Compare the gauges and controls in the Alfa with the Nazzaro.

This is the oldest Alfa in Australia. It was shown for the first time at last years' show and inspired me to get John's Nazzaro out of the garage.
Bonnet open and engine revving
A beautiful 1927 Lancia

Under the bonnet of the Lancia. You could eat off the engine block it was so clean
1924 Fiat
The Fiat Multipla van was a popular attraction and was voted crowd favourite. It was certainly my favourite (but then I love oddball vehicles).
The streamlined rear of the Multipla confused many people. Which way is the front?
Topolino and Bambinos
The owners of this little Fiat Topolino had an interesting display of photos of the car restoration. I am always amazed how some vehicles are transformed from complete wrecks back into showroom condition.
Fiat 500 Bambino

Fiat Arbarth
Alfa Romeo Spyder

View over the field.
It's still early and the crowds are milling.

1970 Alfa Romeo

The Maserati row
Maserati Sebring

Ferrari Dino GT
And another

This Lamborghini was voted the best in show.

Here's a link to the photos from 2009

DKW - If Three Were Six

From Hemmings Sports car magazine July 2013

Charles Gould is a well known US car collector who specializes in mini and micro cars. His website is

Here is another great story about one of Charles' finds - a two-stroke Saab.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Italian Car, Motorcycle & Scooter Day, 2011

Sunday 27th February was the annual Rotary Club All Italian Car, Motorbike and Scooter show. It was held again at Mulberry Farm Convention Centre in Caversham in the Swan Valley. I think there was a lower turnout this year, probably due to the heat. It hit a stinking 38c at 2pm - and that was in the shade!

Here are some photos of the motorcycles and scooters. There'll be a separate post for the cars following.

Some of the regulars from Paradise Lost Scooter Club flew the flag.

I am especially fond of this beautifully restored Lambretta TV175. I think the naturalistic restoration gives it an understated grace.

Another very pleasant Lambretta.

As always, the Ducatti Club was out in force.
This Ducatti Greenframe had its own tent. A very nice machine and a very proud owner.

This lightweight looks more MV Agusta than Ducatti.
My favourite bike of the day - 1949 Moto Guzzi ex-army surplus.
Benelli 6-cylinder ("let's stick a car engine in this bike..")

Sunday, February 13, 2011

WA Vintage Motorcycle Club Inspection Day 2011

Sunday 13th February 2011 was inspection day for all VMCCWA motorcycles on 404 concessional licenses. It was a good opportunity to see a lot of bikes that are usually hidden away out and about and to chat about motorcycles.

Some trailered their bikes, others rode.

A beautifully restored 1951 Ariel NH.

The Leader ran really well all the way, although typically it stalled and flooded when I had to restart it. It can be very tempermental to restart when hot. I usually start it with the fuel OFF in order to avoid it flooding.

"I haven't seen one of those since...."

The inspections are underway. The Leader passed although they recommended the front brake be looked at. Ariel front brakes are notoriously weak.

A nice and neat AJS

A Norton

BSA outfit

This Sunbeam attracted a lot of admirers

BSA Goldstar

Harley-Davidson Peashooter racer. You gotta love the brick as a sidestand!  The peashooter had apparently enjoyed a successful racing career in the 30s and 40s. It's been preserved with its original patina.

BSA 350

A BMW? No, a Chiang-Jiang in BMW livery

A rare and unusual 4 cylinder Nimbus. This drew an admiring crowd.

A wonderfully restored BSA New Imperial. My grandfather used to own one of these. I think it was one of the best motorcycles there.

A 1940 BMW in war trim.