Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Italian Car, Motorcycle & Scooter Day, 2011

Sunday 27th February was the annual Rotary Club All Italian Car, Motorbike and Scooter show. It was held again at Mulberry Farm Convention Centre in Caversham in the Swan Valley. I think there was a lower turnout this year, probably due to the heat. It hit a stinking 38c at 2pm - and that was in the shade!

Here are some photos of the motorcycles and scooters. There'll be a separate post for the cars following.

Some of the regulars from Paradise Lost Scooter Club flew the flag.

I am especially fond of this beautifully restored Lambretta TV175. I think the naturalistic restoration gives it an understated grace.

Another very pleasant Lambretta.

As always, the Ducatti Club was out in force.
This Ducatti Greenframe had its own tent. A very nice machine and a very proud owner.

This lightweight looks more MV Agusta than Ducatti.
My favourite bike of the day - 1949 Moto Guzzi ex-army surplus.

Benelli 6-cylinder ("let's stick a car engine in this bike..")

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