Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perth Veteran Car Rally 2011

Here is a selection of photos from the 2011 Perth to Armadale Veteran Car rally. The rally commenced with a display of vehicles in the Murray street Mall, Perth. On the drive into the city we passed a De Dion Bouton laid up on the side of the road only a couple of kilometres from our house. Obviously no rally for that DDB this year. There were a few less cars this year; many familiar faces and a couple of new vehicles on the scene.

A 1913 Austin

This American made Schlacht was in last years run.

The 1906 De Dion Bouton was the oldest machine in the rally.

The De Dion's amazingly tiny single cylinder engine.

When the car was found it was scattered in pieces across several rural properties. Very little actually remained except some parts of the chassis and the engine. This foot plate is one of the few original components.

1908 Rover.

Antique fuel can - nice touch

Willys Overlander. These were a very popular car in Australia, in its day.

A Swift and the Overlander

Swift and the Trumbull

The name sounded German but is in fact an American car. This was a newcomer to the rally.

A 1911 Albion.

Brush - a marque I've never heard of. The Brush Automobile Company built cars in Detroit Michigan from 1907 to 1913.

A French Delage. Quite unusual in Australia.

1913 Napier

"Any colour as long as it's black.." A couple of Ford Model Ts

A couple more motorcycles this year - the 1919 Harley-Davidson & 1911 Triumph

This is a beautifully restored and quite unusual Scott. It's an old fashioned design from the Edwardian period that the company continued to manufacture up until 1921. It is one of only two running in the world. The owner had bought it from the original restorer in England. The restorer had spent years locating and manufacturing parts to get it into this condition, rode it once and then decided to sell it. The new owner imported it into Australia. This was its first ride out and the owner said it was 'challenging' to ride.

Beautifully patinated bike.

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