Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Classic Cars and Coffee Sunday 11th October 2020

The weather was spectacular for the September Classic Cars and Coffee and the event was extremely well attended. It was actually struggle finding somewhere to park!

Best of British - Mini and Bentley

A very fine pair.

Another English legend - Jensen

And more - 1960 Daimler and Alvis


A real English rarity - Bristol 411. Apparently this car was owned by the Sultan of Selangor.


Cadillac and Mustang


BMW 1800

Alfa-Romeo Montreale

Facel Vega

Volkswagen Type 3 and Beetle

Renault 4CVs

Renault Alpine GTA

Lovely pair - Mercedes-Benz 190SLR and Austin-Healey

Morgan club

Alfa-Romeo Gulietta Spider

Ford Thunderbird

1949 Morgan Plus 4

Morgan 8

Rolls-Royce Phantom III - spectacular!

Citroen CX

Porsche 356 coupe


The Mercedes-Benz 190SLR slips out

Austin Seven

Iconic 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Holden EK

Fiat OTR

1943 VW Kubelwagen

Another fine Austin Seven

Citroen H van

Daisy had squeeze onto the footpath

Next event is on Sunday 15th November 2020

Monday, October 5, 2020

Rotary Club of Como Car Show 2020

The annual Rotary Club of Como car show held in South Perth is one of my favourite events on the classic car calendar. It's an easy going show, with a pleasant vibe and it always draws an interesting variety of vehicles.

I attended with my new club, The KBG, which caters to interesting and unusual two, three and four wheeled vehicles. A feature of our display this year was four classic Czechoslovakian vehicles. More on that later! Let's take a walk through the highlights of this year's show.

The Vauxhall Club had a good turnout. 1959 Mk II Ford Zephyr


Vauxhalls, including a camper version

Riley and Jaguar XK

Alfa Romeo Club turnout

Abarth Lombardi

Fiat Multipla. I hear there are at least four in Perth now.


The stunning aluminum bodied Jaguar XK racer

1958 Ford Thunderbird

Studebaker Larks

Ford Thunderbird

While US Fords of this period were all big engines and fins, English Ford were producing the A40.

Singer convertible

1940s Mercury

A couple more unmolested Holden FXs

Chevrolet Corvette Mk 1 and Mk 2. Pioneers of fibreglass bodywork

Holden FX and some Englanders

The Rotary Club show is a major event for the Jaguar Club. They probably made up a third of the entries.

Jaguar E-Types

Jaguar XKs

1920s British - 1926 Austin 7 Baby for the budget market, and a Bentley 8 for the gentleman.

1927 Bentley

Motoring royalty - a fine pair of Rollers.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Replica 1936 Mercedes-Benz


This Mercedes-Benz Adenauer limousine was voted 'best in show' two years ago. 

Renault Register

The KBG's eclectic display covers a wide variety. An Alfa-Romeo, Citroen CX, Tatras....

1975 Tatra T603

The Tatras from the rear. My Tatraplan is powered by a 2 litre flat four. The T603 has a 2.8 litre V8.

1967 Skoda Octavia

1957 Volvo TP21 radio command car and 1942 VW Kubelwagen

The Kubelwagen and Velorex

For the Czechs who could not afford a Skoda or an East German Trabant but wanted more than a Jawa motorcycle, you could buy a Velorex. Originally built as an invalid carriage, the Velorex was build around a steel tube frame, covered in leatherette, powered by a 350cc twin cylinder Jawa motorcycle engine. Although originally a budget motoring solution they are now highly desirable and a good example commands high dollars.

John and Steve dress the part

Citroen Traction Avant

Citroen Traction Avants

The KBG stays to the end

With many other cars gone we can get a good view of the Volvo. These were built for the Swedish Army as command and radio cars. Powered by a 6 cylinder 3.6 litre engine and given very high clearance for rough offroading. Only 720 were built between 1945 and 1957. I had never seen this vehicle before - and nor had the military vehicle enthusiasts. The Rotary Club show always brings out something new....

The Renaults hold the line

Jaguar sidles by....

Then a Renault 4CV

And another....