Monday, December 31, 2018

DKW Drive 30 December 2018

It's been a couple of years since I last did a video drive, so if you'd to go for a little drive in my 1959 DKW F94, come along while I ramble on about the pleasure of driving a DKW.

And here's a link to my original drive video.

Tatraplan T600 drive 2 December 2018

After the two year restoration journey the Tatra was finally back on the road in July 2018.  I did a video drive a couple of months ago but I had the wrong settings on the GoPro and the video was unusable. I had another chance to do a video on 2 December 2018 when I took the Tatra to the Day of the Volkswagen. 

Here's a copy of my first Tatra drive video. Terrible sound on that video I'm afraid (or maybe it's just the background noise from the rear engine?).

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bay to Birdwood 30 September 2018

I was invited to the AGM of the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF) in Adelaide at the end of September. By good fortune the date coincided with the Bay to Birdwood so I went along and enjoyed the show. Last year's run, when we attended with the Special Interest Vehicle Association, was for cars from 1954 onwards. It was a good experience but there were too many 'modern' classics for my liking. This year's show was cars up to 1959, which I found more appealing.

Exhibitors begin setting up in the upper lawn.

Amilcar in the concourse

MG sedan in the concourse

The judging panel inspects the Amilcar. My friend Paul Blank (far right) was invited to be a judge.

REO Flying Cloud


Riley cabriolet

Austin Sevens in racing trim

A real rarity in Australia - a French Le Zebre.

There was a large contingent of Model A Fords celebrating the 90th anniversary of the model.


1931 Packard Super 8 Roadster with a Lalique radiator mascot

1929 Packard Super 8 Limousine

1929 Marmon-Roosevelt

Rows of vintage cars

1929 Buick

More Americans

Queues of cars entering the show


Some of the rarer Edwardian veterans - De Dion Bouton (front) and 1912 Renault CB.

1912 Renault CB

Another very rare French Edwardian - Gregoire


1913 Vauxhall Prince Henry




Motorcycle row

BMW motorcycle with sidecar in German military spec.

I have way more photos to post but I've been running way behind schedule on the blog this year. I've got a dozen other car shows to post! I'll come back to this post and add more photos when I get time.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Classic Cars and Coffee 18 October 2018

The weather was a little questionable on 14th October so numbers were down on usual. Given the threat of rain there was quite a good turnout.

Show sponsors and The Patron with their iconic Citroens.

I took Shelly's Karmann Ghia for a run.

A new arrival at the show - 1934 Bentley rolls in.

1934 Bentley

Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo

Austin Seven

Renault 10s

Four Ford Anglias arrive

A real surprise and delight to see on the road. Heinkel-Trojan bubblecar.

The Trojan stops people in their tracks.

The Trojan drew a huge crowd

The Trojan is not a car for a six footer!

Having a chat with the Trojan owner.  A great candid shot by Real Human Photography.

VW Combi

The Bristol arriving.

British class - Bristol 403 and Jaguar

New Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR

Renault Alpine A110 by Real Human Photography

Next Classic Cars and Coffee is on 18 October 2018

On November 18th, Classic Cars and Coffee will feature the first new Alpine sports car as well as other performance models of Renault, courtesy of Melville Renault.

The organizers are keen to support the display with as many other Alpine and Renault cars as we can gather. A special display area will be set aside for these cars. A great opportunity to inspect the fabulous new Alpine… the first example in WA. As usual, the event is open to all interesting, classic and exotic cars.