Saturday, January 23, 2021

Classic Cars and Coffee Sunday 24 January 2021

A fine day with a bit of cloud cover after several weeks of over 35 degree celsius heat. Although the January show was held on a long weekend (when people normally head away), it was packed. I was forced to park in the basement. Had I not been handing out Classic Car Show flyers (18 April 2021) I would probably have skipped out.

Coffee and Porsches

British roadsters - Sunbeam and Austin-Healey


Skoda Octavia and Renault row

Renault Alpines

Two sports estates - Reliant Scimitar and Volvo 1800

Apparently the Volvo drew its inspiration from the Reliant Scimitar.

Both cars have extremely fine lines.

JZR Moto Guzzi tricycle

Mini Moke

A lovely Jaguar XK with rear wheel spats

MG racer once owner by Grand Prix champion Nuvolari.

I'm no fan of Ferraris and Lamborghini's but this is an exception.


Very rare in Australia - Volvo PV4400 GT

And coffee....

The next Classic Cars and Coffee is on Sunday 21st February 2021