Friday, May 23, 2014

New Editions to the family

Today was a very busy day. Both the new Tatra and the Karmann Ghia were ready for collection. This meant a lot of taxiing and a lot of driving.

The Tatra

Wilf Chamberlain's Classic British Car company had overhauled the brakes and carburetor.

Interior styling is definitely 1940s inspired. The steering wheel is enormous. 

Our current carport is in no way sufficient for our collection. Another expense we'll have to sort out.

Karmann Ghia

K-Paz Spraypainting have completed the restoration of the bodywork. It's come such a long way since we purchased it in November last year.

The colour is simply stunning. It was a good choice.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

DKW Collection - Classic and Sports Car January 2014

You know you're a real DKW enthusiast when you have a collection of one of every type of post-war DKW (okay, he's missing a Munga!).

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arthur Grady Ride, Fremantle 2014

The Arthur Grady Day, part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival, just keeps getting better and more impressive each year. In 2012, when I first attended, it was very much a motorcycle event, featuring a ride through the streets of Fremantle and a display of veteran, vintage and modern motorcycles in the heart of the city. Last year the ride was limited to the veteran motorcycles due to safety concerns, however the display was enlarged to include some vintage cars. This year their was no ride but the display was expanded to cover vintage cars, trucks, machinery and even a steam traction engine. Although there were a couple of downpours during the morning it was a great event and well attended.

The veteran motorcycles held pride of place in front of the town hall.

This magnificent four cylinder Henderson gets around.

The Early American Motorcycle Club pit on a display of vintage Indians.

The replica of Arthur Grady's 1925 Douglas motorcycle.

HRD Vincent



It rained as I rode to Fremantle and I was never more grateful for the Ariel's weather protection.

Photo courtesy of the VMCCWA

BSA Bantams

An Ariel Red Hunter scrambler

A Ural outfit - the Russian version of the wartime German BMW scout bike.

Two representatives from the Paradise Lost Scooter Club -

How fantastic to see this old steam traction engine out on the street. I thought it would be a static display but it trundled up and down beside Kings Square, tooting its steam whistle from time to time. Behind the steam engine is a Mercedes-Benz Diesel.

Fargo truck

1950s Mercedes-Benz Diesel

1950 Bedford

The Bus Preservation Society bought down two old locals. We still ride on the 106 route.

The old buses took passengers for a run around the city.

Don't look behind you!

The Veteran Car Club put on a little display

A real rarity - 1926 Theophile Schneider 25SP. A famous racing marque.

Model T Ford in BOANs livery in front of what was once the Boans store.

Despite the periodic downpours a great display was put on. Next year I think we'll organise with the SIVA members to put on a microcar display.