Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oldtimer Museum, Koprivince

Tourists generally come to Koprivince for one reason - to visit the Tatra museum.  The Oldtimer Museum capitalises on this traffic with a neat, small collection of old cars and motorcycles. Czech marques predominate as you'd expect but there are some international vehicles as well.

An early model Tatra 57 and Tatra 49

Tatra T49 tricycle with a sedan body. Check the Tatra Museum post for a view of the bare Tatra 49 chassis in their collection.

A Czech Aero 30 cabriolet and Tatra T87. Both cars are contemporary with each other but the Tatra is light years ahead in design and styling. It's no wonder these cars caused a sensation when they were unveiled in 1936.

A Czetta 'Iron Pig' triporter beside a Tatra 603 engine.

Tatra row commencing with a Tatra 12, through the T57 to the Tatraplan

Tatra 57

Tatraplan T600

The Opel P4 was introduced in 1935 partly in response to Adolf Hitler's call for a 'people's car.' Hilter was furious that Opel presented such a conventional car and Opel were forced to drop all advertising mentioning the term 'people's car.' Although it is actually a small car it towers over the Opel sportster beside it. 

1969 Opel GT. A very American looking car.

Mercedes row

View towards the Tatras looking over a bare Tatra chassis

Maserati 3500 GTI

Hans Frank's 1938 Horch 830 BL. Frank was the Nazi governor of occupied Poland and drove this car as his official vehicle. After the war Frank was arrested, convicted of crimes against humanity at Nuremberg and hung.

Despite its history it remains a handsome car

Mercedes-Benz ponton

Handsome BMW 327

Another very rare (obscure) marque - the Walter.

A French motorcyclette

The Czech Praga company built large, conventional cars for a few years during the inter-war years.

Some of the extensive motorcycle collection. Unfortunately many of the photos we took didn't really work out as the bikes were parked very close together against the windows. Here though we can see a Dutch Nimbus in the middle of this display.

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