Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tazio Nuvolari Exhibit, Prague Technical Museum

The National Technical Museum, Prague hosted an exhibition about the Italian Grand Prix driver, Tazio Nuvolari between June and September 2016. The exhibition was built around photos that Nuvolari had taken during his racing years.

Nuvolari started his career in motorcycle racing

A Bugatti like the one Nuvolari drove in the 1934 Monte Carlo rally. Behind the car is a photo of Nuvolari in an Auto-Union Type C and an Alfa Romeo.

Nuvolari and his Alfa Romeo

Throwing an Auto Union around the track in 1936

During one Grand Prix race for the Auto Union team Nuvolari hit a stag that ran out in front of his car. The stag was killed but Nuvolari managed to keep his car on the road. After the race he had the stag butchered and served to the team. Here he poses with the head.

One of Nuvolari's photographs of his Auto Union team mate, Bernd Rosemeyer. Rosemeyer was tragically killed attempting to break the world speed record in a streamlined Auto Union like this in 1938.

Nuvolari posing with another Alfa Romeo

1934 MG B

Auto Union overalls

Nuvolari's red leather racing helmet

Nuvolari's camera

One of Nuvolari's photos. Boys posing with a DKW

Nuvolari's widow, Carolina, photographed after his untimely death in 1953. In his obituary he was declared the greatest driver of past, present and future.

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