Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day of the Volkswagen 2016

This year's Day of the Volkswagen was held at Wilson Park, South Beach, South Fremantle, and it was a triumph. The last couple of years DoVs had seen a bit of a decline in attendance and despite the anniversaries of the Karmann Ghia and the Golf, the days were increasingly dominated by the Kombi to the exclusion of other models (not that there is anything wrong with Kombi's).

The Wilson Park location, beside South Beach, Fremantle was a great location. It was appropriately sized for the size of the display and there was a lovely cool breeze blowing in from the sea.

There was a wide variety of machines attending, which made it a much more interesting show.

Kombi's of course were well represented

Little Creatures brewery truck

A very interesting, bare metal Porsche 356 racer. It's been a few years since I've seen any Porsches at the Day of the Volkswagen

Lots of beetles, varying from original spec to slammed and custom

Steffen's VW collection - Country Buggy, immaculate Kombi and low-light Karmann Ghia

Paul Blank's NSU Ro80 (which is for sale).

Seffen's beautiful Karmann Ghia and the modern 'Karmann Ghia' - the Audi TT coupe

This year there was a great turnout of Karmann Ghia's.

These two immaculate low-lights were restored by Jerry Heldt's Karmann Ghia Company of Australia.

More of Jerry's work

Vintage paraphenalia

A very nice Type 3 Notchback. A very under rated car

Camper vans

VW Type 2 ute

More beetles

This early model Oval has been with the same owners since the 1960s

It's had a hard life but has now been restored to excellent condition.

Purvis Eureka

Purvis Eureka

Type 3 Fastback. Some might say a 'poor mans Karmann Ghia.' Quite lovely.

A very fine day for a car show

Manz Buggy and Passat

The car park was filled with VWs that did not make it to the show - including ours. The Volkswagen Club of WA did a great job!

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