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Vintage & Classic Car Day, Whiteman Park 2011

Trams, buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, scooters and even tractors. They were all there at the Vintage and Classic Car Day at Whiteman Park on 21st March 2011. Dozens of clubs were represented and it was amazing to see so many vintage and classic machines out on display, including some real rarities. We took far too many photos to put on a single posting so I'll have to break this post up. Let's start with a quick tour around Europe.


The sole representative vintage Saab (amongst the many new models) was this 1958 Saab 96 Monte Carlo.

The early Saabs were powered by a two cylinder two-stroke engine that owed its inspiration to the DKW. With the same kind of power and endurance of the DKW 3=6, Saabs performed extremely well in rally competitions throughout the 1960s. This model features a V 4 Ford Taunus four stroke engine.

Viva le France!

A fabulous Bugatti Type 57TT. This car enjoyed a successful racing career in the 30s & 40s and the elderly owner regaled us with tales of his racing misdemeanors. It was certainly a popular exhibit with a host of people lining for photos. Donations were also sought for the preservation of the vintage racing circuit at Caversham. If you'd like to know more about this, click on the link

Beautiful Citroen Traction Avants

A very cute Renault 4CV. Love the little horse head bonnet mascots

Certainly not the most elegant French vehicle - the 1962 Renault 8

Deutschland Uber Alles

A Messerschmitt KR200. Good to see one out and about. That makes at least 3 in Perth by my reckoning. It was a very popular car, especially with kids.

A lovely and sleek Mercedes

The gorgeous curvy lines of a Borgward Isabella. Personally I'm a big fan. I believe there are two in Perth.

Everything including the kitchen sink. The VW club were out in force.

Another gorgeous VW Split

VW 1600

The surprise of the day - Willie S' 1938 DKW F7. I really didn't expect to see a DKW in Perth but as I found out DKW did export some cars to Australia in the pre-war years. Most were shipped to Adelaide in South Australia, where there was a large German community and from there sold around the country. All cars were shipped unfinished, as chassis and engine only, as protectionist legislation in Australia made it extremely expensive to import completed vehicles. Australian coach builders then built the bodies, but unlike their German counterparts, the Australian bodies were all steel on wood frame, which makes them unique for DKW. This body was built by Boltons in Perth. Body styles in Australia included two door and four door sedans, convertibles, panelled delivery vans and the ever popular ute.

Willie fired up the 688cc engine of the F7 for us. It was amazing how quiet it was.

A French Amilcar

Rule Britannia

1926 Bentley

A Standard is run out from the Museum collection

A British Talbot and a French Delage

Rolls Royce

A Riley and Standard

The Austin-Healey club put on a good show

Shelly's favourite

Austin's attempt to break into the US market, the 57 Austin Metro. It was a little too small to be be successful. In the US it was released as the Nash Metro.

There was a very big contingent from the Austin club

Lots of Austin 7 babies

The British Ford club. It's quite amazing how different Fords were in the UK compared to the US. They're virtually a different marque.

There was a large display by the Vauxhall club.

Vauxhall Velox. Vauxhall was a very popular make in Australia between the 1930s-50s

Morris truck

Trucks, tractors and military vehicles

Military vehicle display. Chevy trucks

Ferret armoured scout car. Very popular with the kids

Even a row of tractors. There is a tractor museum at Whiteman Park so they probably didn't have far to come.

A very cute little Fiat truck trucked in.

A Dodge and a Fordson,

Whiteman Park has a bus museum and most of the machines were out on display.

Dennis bus

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