Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Motorcycle Club WA Swap Meet - 2011

Here's a selection of photos of the Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA's Swap meet on Sunday 27 March 2011. It was a really successful day with a great turnout. There was an excellent display of over sixty bikes including a large contingent of veteran machines.

There was a good turnout of visitors. It's great to see so much public interest.
It isn't always about the big bikes. This is a little French lightweight - 125cc Motobecane.
An a tiny engined Honda moped
A sweet 1949 Moto Guzzi. It was the only Italian machine on display. See also photos of this machine at the Italian Car, Motorcycle & Scooter Show -

Triumph outfit
1942 BSA in military trim
1928 BSA

1950 BSA B31 350cc
1951 Sunbeam s-8

1930 Royal Enfield J 30

1936 Levis D Special

One of my favourites (of course) 1951 Ariel Red Hunter
Teutonic style - a gorgeous 1955 NSU
And a BMW
A lovely 1956 Victoria Bergemeister. Note the unusual twin cylinder arrangement
A Teutonic neighbour - a Czech Jawa.
A big 1942 Harley in full civilian trim with a neat 1937 BSA behind

1916 Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson in traditional paint scheme. This bike was for sale but I didn't get the details.
A big and rare American - Henderson Excelsior
The Henderson's four cylinder engine
An early Triumph
1922 Raleigh with leg guards
1923 Scott Flying Squirrel. Compare this machine with the earlier model Scott that attended the Veteran Car rally -
1930s Norton

A 1926 Triumph model Q
An Australian rarity - 1919 Carbine. Powered by a MAG engine with belt drive.
A couple more views of the Carbine. It's amazing to think of the odds of survival for such a machine, given the tiny numbers manufactured and the life they must have led.
AJS row
1915 Sunbeam model 9 500cc

BSA basket case...
A real rarity by anyone's terms - a 1909 Pope
Unrestored in all its natural glory
For more info on Pope motorcycles
Another rare veteran - 1911 554 cc OK-Bradshaw.
The owner lights up the carbide headlamp
At 11pm the Bradshaw was wheeled out into the yard and started up in front a crowd of interested onlookers. Surprisingly she started straight up on the first pull of the starter rope. Here below is a video of a hundred year old motorcycle in action.
These old veterans are called bone shakers for a reason. Note the lever action accelerator and retard. Riding one of these is a complicated business but it was better than walking.

For information about Bradshaw motorcycles -
Another veteran for sale - 1909 Premier single speed. Contact mobile 0409371001
A couple of fire damaged vintage bikes. I wonder what could actually be salvaged from these machines?
What the swap meet is all about - bikes and bits
John Branton displayed a couple of his bikes at his calendar stand.
The Classic Motorcycle Calendar and assorted products for sale. You can order copies from his website -

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