Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hot Rods to Hell - 2012

Sunday 25th March Devilles Pad nightclub hosted its annual 'Hot Rods to Hell" show. There was a decent turnout of American classics and a couple of excellent bands on.

Shelly and a 57 Chevy

And a 58

Ford Falcon


My favourite. A 1950 Mercury. All sleek lines and curves.

1935 Chevy (it was for sale)

Only one scooter on display but what a beauty! An early Lambretta LD.

DJ on the back of a truck

Down by the stalls

Inside Devilles Pad. It's an eccentric place with volcanoes and go-go dancers. Very cool!

A Sea of Tunes were a Beach Boys tribute band. We've seen the real Beach Boys twice and these guys were REALLY excellent. They had all the harmonies working to perfection.


  1. Hey Paul, I just realised that some of the photos in this post features a young lady named Shelly - tell her that the Lambretta belongs to Tony Wong - Perth is so small!! Cheers, Tony

    1. Hi Tony. Perth is small! I believe you two went to school together? That Lambretta is a real beauty. Best looking one I've seen in quite a while. Congratulations.