Sunday, September 9, 2012

Farmobil 700

SIVA member Mark unveiled the completion of his 12 year Farmobil restoration project at a recent meeting. The Farmobil was a farm utility vehicle designed by the Fahr tractor company in the late 1950s. Engines and drive trains were supplied by BMW and the vehicles themselves were assembled by the Greek Farco company. The Farmobil's were sold in Greece, Austria, Germany (as the BMW Farmobil) and in France, where they were relatively successful. Unfortunately only 900 Farmobil's were ever manufactured and are quite rare nowadays.
Mark's Farmobil was bought in Lyon, France in 1990 and imported to Australia. It was running at the time and had its original BMW Farco engine.

Over the past 12 years Mark has undertaken an epic complete nut and bolt restoration that included the re-manufacture of floor plans and body panels.

The result is simply amazing. Every single element has been exquisitely restored to pristine condition. The engine bay is spotless!

Mark takes it for a test drive.

Mark's recently completed Renault

A few interesting machines invariably show up at SIVA meetings. Two Renaults and a Messerschmitt.

Peter's Renault 4CV

Zig's Messerschmitt

Berkeley sports car.

An Aussie legend - the Leyland P76. Wheel's Magazine's 1973 car of the year. It would become the great Australian lemon.

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