Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wheels Magazine's DKW reviews

DKW cars and motorcycles enjoyed a good reputation in Australia in the inter-war period and many motoring enthusiasts hoped DKW would make a return to the Australian market after the war. In January 1958 Australia's premier motoring magazine, Wheels, sent their reporter to Germany to test the new DKW 3=6. It received a very positive review but sales never eventuated and less than ten cars were ever imported into Australia.

The following year, in January 1959 Wheels had a four page feature on the DKW 3=6. The article even questioned Mercedes-Benz' failure to promote the DKW in the Australian market.

By 1962 DKW had still not returned to the Australian market but in their August issue Wheels Magazine again sent a writer to Germany to review the new Junior model.

In 1965 Wheels reviewed the DKW F102. Once again it was a positive review and it was forecast that the larger DKW would receive a positive welcome back in Australia. Later the same year the F102 was replaced by the new Audi F103. It would be several more years before Audi's reached Australian shores.

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