Friday, May 2, 2014

Classic Car Show, Whiteman Park, 2014

The Classic Car Show was held on Sunday 30 April 2014. In 2012 the show was moved from the stinking heat of March to the milder weather of April. Unfortunately the forecast was for showers, which scared off some exhibitors. Several downpours during the day kept visitor numbers down as well. But overall it was a good day and the SIVA club put on a good display.

The trio of Borgward's was on display, complimented by two rear-engined Corsairs.

From left to right - Borgward Isabella TS, Hansa 1500 and Lloyd Alexander TS.

What a beautiful trio of cars.

1958 Messerschmitt KR201 roadster. This car has just been restored after almost twenty years off the road. The Messerschmitt is always a crowd pleaser and draws the kids like a magnet. It was probably one of the most photographed cars that day.

We were hoping that Shelly's Karmann Ghia would be finished in time, but it was not to be. I won't be long though. This was Daisy's second outing at the Classic Car Show. I was quite pleased to encounter a few people this year who knew about DKWs.

Two Renault 4CVs were on display. The yellow one was on display last year in rather different condition, being only half way through its restoration. It'll be finished later this year.

1948 Morris Eight.

Two quite unusual American cars - a 1965 Corvair Corsa and 1962 Corvair rampside.

Like the British, the Americans were steadfastly conventional in their automotive designs. When Tucker attempted to introduce the revolutionary, rear-engined Tucker Torpedo in 1948, the automotive industry pulled out all the stops to sabotage production. But in the 1950s, with rear-engined cars like the Volkswagen and Renault smashing the small car market, Chevrolet decided they needed to trial the concept. The result was an American styled car powered by a flat-six air-cooled engine.

Only in America could a large car like the Corvair could be considered a compact. The car was in production from 1960 to 1969 and sold reasonably well, despite it being unfairly slandered as "the unsafest car in America."

Holden EK and FJ

Holden Kingswood

Vintage caravan


1951 Mercedes-Benz 170S.

The Vauxhall Club put on an excellent display as usual

I love these old Buicks.  Probably my favourite car of the day.

And another view. I just love the curves of these 1940s cars.

Ford Capri 355. A very sweet little English Ford.

British Jensen Interceptors

Another great display by the Austin-Healey Club.

An ex-Australian Army Chevrolet truck

An ex-army Austin ambulance

The oldest bus in the Bus Preservation Society's collection. We had an interesting chat with some of the Society members.

Vintage tractors. Definitely a labour of love!

The Early American Motorcycle Club always have a reserved spot across from the SIVA area. They always put on a great display. When they periodically fire up one or two of their bikes it draws a huge crowd.

"Mister! Your car is on fire!" We were photographed leaving the show. Thanks to Dennis Marcus for passing on the photos.

Love the blue smoke trail!

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