Friday, May 23, 2014

New Editions to the family

Today was a very busy day. Both the new Tatra and the Karmann Ghia were ready for collection. This meant a lot of taxiing and a lot of driving.

The Tatra

Wilf Chamberlain's Classic British Car company had overhauled the brakes and carburetor.

Interior styling is definitely 1940s inspired. The steering wheel is enormous. 

Our current carport is in no way sufficient for our collection. Another expense we'll have to sort out.

Karmann Ghia

K-Paz Spraypainting have completed the restoration of the bodywork. It's come such a long way since we purchased it in November last year.

The colour is simply stunning. It was a good choice.

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  1. OMG a Tatra, Congratulations!!!!! I look forward to seeing more photos and post about your new baby.