Wednesday, August 20, 2014

German Car Day 2014

Saturday 20th September 2014 was a glorious, sunny day but the Bureau of Meteorology forecast 90% chance of thunderstorms and rain for Sunday.  Such a dramatic change in the weather didn't really seem possible.

About 70 cars showed up at the start in East Perth. Most were modern of course as German Car Day is more of a modern car event.  There were a couple of nice old Mercedes-Benz 220s thought including a very nice two door coupe.

The DKW stood out a little amongst the moderns.

NSU's revolutionary (revolutionary! Get it?) rotary engined Ro80.

Setting off time.  At this point the sky was still blue and it seemed like it was going to be a good day for a car show.

But....  as the cars set off the first drizzle of rain began to fall...

The Bureau of Meteorology updated their forecast to 100% chance of thunderstorms and issued a road weather alert.  Things were getting serious.

Halfway to the rendezvous in Rockingham I pulled over at a gas station to check my tyre pressure.  It felt like the left wheel was a little unbalanced.  Three vintage cars and about 30 motorcyclists were sheltering at the station.  It was not turning out to be such a great day.

The SIVA contingent at Rockingham Park.  The weather was truly atrocious by this point but still about 100 cars attended. The rain however never let up and people began to drift away very quickly.  Still, it was great people made the effort to attend as all the money goes to charity.

Lloyd, DKW and NSU (photographed from the tent)

Time to put the Lloyd away

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