Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Classic Cars and Coffee November 2017

The Classic Cars and Coffee meet ups just keep growing. October's meet up saw more than 200 cars attend and some fine machinery was on show.

Of special note was a 1948 Talbot-Lago. What a rare and magnificent beast. The owner has a fine collection of interesting vehicles and we can only hope to see some more of them show up at these events.

Well known Perth enthusiast, Peter Briggs also showed up driving his MG Magnette Grand Prix racer.

Stately Bentley's

French Facel Vega. These Chrysler powered cars were more expensive than a contemporary Rolls-Royce in their day.

Virtually the first people mover, the Fiat Multipla.

A pair of fine Citroen DS'.

Pigeon pair of Jaguars

I drove Shelly's Karmann Ghia as the DKW was still on a truck on its way from Adelaide. http://heinkelscooter.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/bay-to-birdwood-2017.html

A mainstay feature of Classic Car and Coffee is The Patron Citroen H coffee van.  https://www.facebook.com/thepatron.beverageco/  Justin Walker from Media Junction is handing out flyers to the French Car Show.

November's meet up was similarly well attended and I was early for once so got to have a good look around.

Lovely Mercedes-Benz 300 coupe

Two SIVA club stalwarts - NSU Prinz III and Paul Blank's Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, recently back from Bay to Birdwood.

Porsche 911

Later model Ford Capri drives in. I must admit I've not seen another of these British Fords in Perth.

Lovely Porsche 356 speedster

Two late model British classics - Morgan Plus Four and a JBA. Both are modern cars with classic styling.

MG Magnette

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

It's great to see another of these magnificent 'blower' Bentley's out and about. The Bentley owners should be commended for regularly getting their cars out on the road and driving them, not squirreling them away like museum pieces.

Peter Briggs was there again with another of his MG racers.

Probably my favourite car of the day. A Jensen built Volvo sports.

Yours truly snapped artistically by Tony Wong at the end of the morning. Since coming back from Adelaide the DKW has been plagued with performance issues. Idling has especially troublesome. For five years I've never had a single issue with the carburetor, but it seems like it needs cleaning out after every drive. Speaking with other drivers about this on Sunday I am now convinced the fuel has been contaminated with ethanol, which is damaging the fuel system. Western Australia doesn't have ethanol in its fuel but some eastern states do and although I always checked while we were away to avoid using any ethanol tainted fuel, I guess some did make it into the system. It's a damned pain!

As always, you know where to get your coffee!

The next Classic Cars and Coffee will be on 31 December.

To keep up to date with events, check out the website http://classiccarsandcoffee.com/

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Glad that the Classic cars and coffee meetups are growing more each time you have them. A lot of great cars are on design with the photos you posted. The MG Magnette is just one of my favorite from the ones above, but they are all great. Have a great day.
    Greg Prosmushkin