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Shannon's Classic Car Show 18 March 2018

Following on from the successful move to Ascot Racecourse in 2017, the Shannon's Classic Car Show returned to Ascot in 2018. Because I had been the principal organizer of the 2017 I was nominated by the Council of Motoring Clubs committee to organize this year's show. For a number of reasons I ended up organizing the show basically single handed. Paul Blank of Automotive Event Management (and SIVA) provided invaluable support with the maps, space planning and marking out.

In 2017 we struggled to gain any traction with the media. There was only a single article in The West Australian the Saturday before the show. Lack of coverage and the threat of thunderstorms on the Sunday conspired to drive both exhibitors and visitors away.  The show only barely covered its costs.

This year we managed to attract a significant amount of media attention. Kalamunda Community Radio KCR 102.5 FM invited me to speak on their 'Round the Bend' classic motoring show (Saturday mornings at 9.30am) on two occasions. They also ran regular promotional spots for the show and, even more importantly, attended and broadcast their Sunday program from the show itself.

Curtin Radio 100.1 FM also ran regular promotional spots for the show.  In exchange, we included a flyer for the Curtin Radio Classic Car Spectacular in the program flyer.

Have A Go News, a newspaper for senior citizens featured an article on the show as well as the flyer and an online banner.

The Southern Gazette, part of the Community News Group, ran a local interest story about Reg Blewett's collection of Model A Fords, attending the show as part of the 90th anniversary celebrations put on by the Model A Ford Club. This was a front page feature which undoubtedly helped us promote the show.

Channel Seven's Today Tonight current affairs show probably picked up the story from Southern Gazette and asked to do a feature. It was a really well put together segment and ran in prime time on Friday 16th March and did no end of good for the show. I have been stopped by people on the street who recognize me from the feature. I now have a catchphrase, "No shed is ever big enough."

You can watch the feature on their Facebook page.

On Saturday 17th March The West Australian motoring section ran a story by motoring editor Alex Forrest which covered the show.

By good fortune the weather on the 18th was glorious - you couldn't have asked for better car show weather. We had a record attendance by 66 motoring clubs, showcasing slightly under 1000 cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles.  Approximately 8500 people filed through the show - another record. This year we were successful in our fund raising, turning a real profit for the first time in almost a decade.  It was a very satisfying outcome.

My photographs of day are here:


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