Sunday, September 6, 2020

Concessions for Classics Scheme

Earlier this year, after many years of lobbying by the modified community, the State Government announced it would introduce a concessional licensing scheme for modified vehicles. A working group comprising members of the modified community and other stakeholders, including the Council of Motoring Clubs, have been working with the Department of Transport to develop a workable scheme. Details of the new scheme was announced on Sunday 6th September 2020.

Key details of the scheme are:
  • This new category for vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 (not a rolling date);
  • The registration cost will be 75% reduction of full registration cost;
  • To participate, the owner of a vehicle must be a member of a Dept of Transport approved club whilst receiving the concession. The Dept of Transport is taking applications from clubs to join the scheme;
  • Vehicles cannot be used for fee, hire or reward;
  • Modifications must be legal and the same rules for engineering and permits apply as for fully registered vehicles;
  • Standard vehicles are eligible;
  • Annual inspections will not be required;
  • Clubs will be required to ensure that vehicles on the concession are compliant;
  • Vehicles must display an approved plate or label stating “RESTRICTED USE”, which is to be affixed to the top or bottom of the vehicle number plate(s) to identify that the vehicle has restricted road use, where Code 404 retains “HISTORIC” or previously approved descriptors;
  • Usage is restricted to 90 days, which is divided between:
    • 60 days of club sanctioned events. Club sanctioned events must be organized and/or supported by the club's committee prior to the commencement of the event.
    • 30 days of personal use, which must be logged with the club (see below).
    • There is no facility to extend the use over 90 days.
Once the C4C scheme has been implemented owners of vehicles will be able to apply to the DoT for the concession, which may result in a refund in the adjustment to any full vehicle license fees paid.
Enquiries about the new C4C system can be directed to:

Code 404 concession will also modified to align with some of the features of the new C4C scheme. The most important change is to the 'impromptu run' which is replaced by the 90 day limited use rules.
Personal Use:
  • Personal Use will be limited to 30 days per vehicle, per year.
  • Club members must advise their Club Registrar (or other committee member according to the club’s own arrangements) in advance, in the same way they have done for Impromptu Runs to date.
  • Personal Use runs are not limited to a single day, provided advice is given in advance.
  • Clubs must maintain a Log of all Personal Use runs. The Log must record:
    1. The identity of the vehicle owner;
    2. The vehicle and;
    3. Date/s of the run.
    4. It is not necessary to collect any additional information.
  • It is the joint responsibility of the club and club member to ensure the no more than 30 days rule is adhered to.
Club Use:
  • Club Use will be limited to 60 days per vehicle, per year.
  • Club Use is only for club sanctioned events.
  • A club may sanction an event in whatever manner suits – by recording in Minutes of a meeting, in its magazine, on its website, social media page, etc, which must be a provable record. Club sanctioned events must be organized and/or supported by the club’s committee prior to the commencement of the event.
  • For multi-club events it is now required that all clubs with an interest should sanction the event, and where there is no club sanction applicable, the vehicle owner should make their participation a Personal Use run and follow the actions outlined. This differs from the past where only one club needed to sanction an event to allow any Concessionally Licensed car to participate.

Earlier correspondence about the scheme:

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