Sunday, January 4, 2009

The clean up

I've done this posting so I can post some photos of the clean up so far. Some of the parts have come up extremely well when cleaned, like the brake drum below.

1 & 2 - Initial clean up. A soaking with degreaser and then the brake drum removed.

3 - a good look inside reveals years of grease and dirt. The springs look pretty rusty and nothing moves.

4 & 5 - a couple of hours with a wire brush and degreaser and they scrub up pretty well. Pleasingly, now that it's been cleaned up it works.

Over the New Year's break I started going over the chassis and body. The body looks fine. There is no major rust and only a couple of dings that can easily be beaten out. There were a few other issues though. The regulator is rusted to the chassis. It will take some effort to remove. The petrol tank also is rusted through underneath. Not a good sign. Also, the floor braces are twisted and one was rusted right through so that it fell off after a slight knock. None of these things in themselves are insurmountable problems, but they do mean more effort and more expense.

The Troll
A quick clarification about the Troll. I described it earlier as a restoration, but to be technically correct it is not a 'concourse restoration.' Let's call it a comprehensive repair.

I heard from another scooter fan, Chris from Belgium the other day. He has recently bought an IWL Pitty. Here is his website:
The Pitty looks in pretty bad shape - a little worse than my Heinkel! But it is a very rare vehicle and many parts can still be sourced. IWL Wiesel parts should fit the Pitty as they were mechanically identical. Only the body styling was different. I look forward to watching his progress.

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