Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Troll update

I popped in to see Ivo and Roberto this morning to drop of some more parts and see how things were going. Good as it turned out. The Troll's panels were all back and painted and the chassis was set up on a stand in the middle of their garage. They had threaded all the cables and wiring. Tomorrow the engine would go in and hopefully - all things being equal - it would be finished by the end of the week.

They showed a few of the things they had been working on. They had had to reuse some of the old cables as the new ones did not fit - specifically the clutch bowden and the tacho cable. Also, when they got down to it and began cleaning up many of the old parts, they turned out to be in excellent condition and reuseable - even the rubber! That's German excellence for you.

I snapped a couple of quick pics on my phone. They don't quite do justice to the colour, which is alot more lively in real life. Ivo also has taken photos throughout the process and I'll publish them once the job is done. Not long now until the Beast is on the road!


  1. Paul: The Troll is looking FANTASTIC!
    I like the new color scheme. You will soon be riding a very cool scoot!!!

    Perhaps my Tessy will be ridden on the same day as your Troll.

    Best wishes from the far side of the globe.

    John Duprey
    Massachusetts USA

  2. Fantastic job on the Troll! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results.

    Take care.
    Lee Bryant

  3. Well, the stator is toast so the Troll is not going anywhere just yet. I must admit I suspected this would be a problem and had made some enquiries with Powerdynamo in Germany for a whole new generator late last year. This was because all the dash lights and neutral gear indicator would light up when you turned on the ignition, but I could never get a spark from the engine. Of course, we'll get this little hiccup sorted, but it'll mean at least another week....

    I was really hoping to have the Troll on the road before Sunday 5th of April as there's a local TV show "On Two Wheels" filming a scooter special that weekend and they'd invited all scooter fans to attend. I'll go on the Vespa of course if I have to but I was really looking to debut the Troll.
    Cross fingers!!

  4. Paul: Bad luck :-( on the Stator.

    I hope you get it sorted out quickley.

    Best wishes
    John D.

  5. Hi Mark
    I hope you'll bring your Heinkel along to a ride one of these days. I'm really keen on the look of the Tourist as it matches my love of movies like Brazil & Bladerunner beautifully ;)
    Wanda (Scooternut)