Sunday, December 20, 2009

Portuguese Citroen Club Rally 20 September 2009

Viva la Citroen 2CV! We encountered the ubiquitous little French 'garden shed on wheels' so often in Europe that it became like an unofficial mascot of our travels. I've always held a soft spot for the Citroens - the Traction-avant, the magnificent DS and the quaint 2CV. When I first began looking for a car the only car I could think of that I actually liked was the Citroen DS. I never found one however.

In Porto on Sunday 20 September 2009 we came across a rally organised by the Portuguese Citroen club. The rally started at the town hall where all the cars were displayed. A drive through the city followed. There were so many Citroens that the whole centre of the city was shut down - much to the frustration of other drivers. Here are some photos.