Monday, April 25, 2011

New windscreen

About six months ago I bought a repro windshield from Draganfly. I was surprised to find that not one of the fixing holes in the windshield actually aligned to the bolts in the front shield so I abandoned the idea, at least temporarily. Over Easter I pulled the windshield out again and recut all the holes. Once recut the windshield slipped in quite easily. I couldn't get the upper fixing bolts secured however and had to make do with a temporary fix.

The bike had a come with a small, custom windshield. It vibrated alot when riding and didn't really serve much of a purpose. I didn't really expect too much of the new windshield either, except for appearances sake. In fact, the first thing I found when I took the bike out was that the windshield is really quite restrictive on the bike's turning circle, especially when turning right. There is very little clearance between clutch lever and the windshield. It has already cut into the perspex. But despite this inconvenience I was surprised to find that the windshield actually works. It creates a slipstream that sweeps up over the windscreen over the rider. I found that I could actually ride without my helmet visor down and not be blown away.

And here are a couple of shots of a nice BSA that I found while riding around. This bike was clearly being ridden as a daily rider. It wasn't fancy or over restored. The paint job was by hand. It's good to see an old machine ridden as the maker intended.

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