Sunday, June 5, 2011

Belgian Royal Military Museum

Here's a collection of photos from the Royal Military Museum in Brussels. The collection was extensive, starting with a large gallery of Belgian Napoleonic relics, including uniforms. Unfortunately all the galleries closed at 12pm for lunch so we didn't get a full look through the World War One section.

Napoleonic uniforms

Artillery from World War One.

A wonderful WWI Renault light tank. It's one of my favourite tanks and remained in use right through to the Second World War, although it was totally obsolete.

A gigantic WWI British Mark II tank. The Mark II was first used during the Battle of Somme, although its performance was terrible as almost all broke down before they saw action.

A French Renault UE Chenillette gun carrier in German livery. After the Nazis conquered France they commandeered all manner of vehicles for their war effort. Although obsolete for front line service by the time the war started, they were useful for supporting roles, such as ammunition carriers and gun carriages.

The tank gallery in a outside courtyard. Most of the tanks however were Cold War era and therefore not particularly interesting to me.

Me with a Russian tank and German tank destroyer.

A WWII German Jagdpanzer. After experiencing defeats against the Russians on the Eastern Front, the Germans introduced a new type of tank, the Jagdpanzer or tank killer. The Jagdpanzer was designed to attack other tanks, especially heavy tanks. As it was attacking head on it dispensed with a turret, had a low profile and extremely thick frontal armour. As the war progressed and German fortunes turned for the worst, more and more jagdpanzers were built as their lack of a traversing turret meant they were quicker and less complicated to manufacture.

A post war tank killer of unknown providence.

Polar explorer

Ship models in the naval section. Unfortunately we didn't get to look through that section because it was closing.

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  1. the "WWII German Jagdpanzer" is not from WWII, the tracks and canon are too modern. But It is true, that the design it is almost the same.