Tuesday, October 23, 2012

French Car Day, Perth 2012

French Car Day was held in Perth on Sunday 21st October
2012 at Supreme Court Gardens in Perth.
Renault R8s

A Renault 4, which was in production from 1961 to 1993, and Peter's
CV4 (46-61)

A pair of sleek Renault Alpine A110s.
Renault Caravelle, manufactured between 1958 and 68.
I've always loved the Citroen DS and I'd not say no to an early model.
My mother told me I'd never be allowed home again if I bought one!
The wonderful Citroen Traction Avant.  The Traction Avant was one of the
first cars to use front wheel drive (after DKW).  Traction Avants were in
production from 1934 to 1957 when they were replaced by the DS.  
This beautiful Traction Avant limosine was imported from Europe.
Notice the gear lever mountered in the dashboard like early DKWs.
The ubiquitous Citroen CV2 was first designed in the late 1930s.
Some early models, called the TPV were built during the prewar years.
In 1948 production started again and continued, with few changes right
through to 1990.
A very handsome CV2 convertible
A very lonely SIMCA Vedette (1954-61). 
A Peugeot 403 (1955-1962) and Peugeot 404 Super Luxe
A marvellous Bugatti racer
This gorgeous 1924 Amilcar is regular attendee at vintage events.
I came across this 1925 Amilcar in Fremantle about a year
ago.  I was riding the Ariel, saw it parked on the roadside
and stopped to take some pictures.  When I was done I
surprised to find the Amilcar's owners were standing by the
Ariel admiring it.  We all had a very good chat.
Another rare French bird - a 1926 Salmson Val Series 6 Tourer.
1906 De Dion Bouton

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