Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DKW Spare Parts Suppliers and Repairers

Here is a list of links to a range of DKW spare parts suppliers and repairers:

  1. European Car Parts in Argentina has an eBay shop - http://stores.ebay.co.uk/EUROPEAN-CAR-PARTS/_i.html?_fsub=4
  2. DKW Auto-Union Parts has an eBay store - http://stores.ebay.com/dkwautounionparts
  3. Dekabras - a Brazilian NOS spare parts and parts remanufacturer.  They produce tuning products, including disc brake kits - http://www.dekabras.com.br/inicio.php 
  4. DKW Pecas - another Brazilian DKW-Vemag parts and service provider - http://www.dkwpecas.com.br/
  5. DKW and Auto Solutions are well known in South Africa for their supply of parts and expertise. http://dkwsa.co.za/ and photos here http://heinkelscooter.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/dkw-auto-solutions.html
  6. Hubert in South Africa has a range of spares for DKWs from the 1930s to 1960s.  http://www.whatsinyourpaddock.com.au/ads/346 and email hubert@worldonline.co.za
  7. Mobilitaeten in Germany have a very extensive selection of parts for a wide range of DKW vehicles, including disc brake kits. They also provide servicing and restoration services. I had my fuel gauge serviced by Arne. http://www.mobilitaeten.de/
  8. DKW Specialist Hesse provides parts for later models from F89 onwards. http://www.dkwhesse.de/
  9. DKW Klose provides a lot of parts for earlier models, such as the F5 and F7, including fully rebuilt and reconditioned engines. http://www.dkwklose.de/
  10. Ralf Muller in Germany has a lot of parts available for most post-war DKWs. His email is info.ralf.mueller@t-online.de
  11. Dutch based repairer, restorer and supplier -http://www.dkwauto.nl/index.html
  12. Kurt Soezen is a UK based parts source with a substantial stock of NOS and re-manufactured DKW parts.  His e-mail is k.soezen@btinternet.com  
  13. Jorge Caviglia in Argentina is a source for parts.  His email is bue917@yahoo.com.ar
  14. Bernardo Konge in Uruguay is a source of parts.  His email is DKW@adinet.com.uy
  15. Auto Tiele S Baller provides parts and services for IFAs, Barkas and some cross over DKW cars. http://www.autoteile-baller.de/start.htm
  16. Matz Autoteile supplies parts for a range on cars from Borgward, Goliath, NSU and many other interesting machines. http://www.matz-autoteile.de/test/installation/index.php
  17. Framo-Jens supplies Framo, IFA and early DKW parts. http://www.framo-jens.de/index.php?menu=1
  18. Autoculture supplies a range of DKW and other oldtimer parts. http://autokultur.eshop.t-online.de/Neuteile/DKW-F7/F8
  19. Michael Zimmermann supplies IFA F8 and F9 parts. http://www.micha-zimmermann.com/
  20. Medidenta Schramm in Germany supplies a range of parts, especially brakes, electrical parts and accessories. http://www.medidentaschramm.de/index.php
  21. Autoculture has spare parts for many 1950s German cars, including DKWs, especially replacement rubber parts. http://www.autokulturgut.de/
  22. This website lists a number of German vendors and restorers. http://www.oldtimer-selbstrestaurieren.de/index.php?menuid=64
  23. Ostmobile-Shop sells DKW and IFA parts. http://www.ostmobile-shop.de/epages/61489198.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectID=730831
  24. DKW early F series bodywork and upholstery. http://dkw-karosseriebau.de/index.html#
  25. Audi Tradition recently purchased the entire new old stock (NOS) from a Paraguayan DKW dealer that has since closed up shop. The store began buying up NOS for spares and servicing in the 1950s but after moving on to VW sales in the 1960s found there was little call for the DKW parts. Fortunately the spares were not scrapped but stored away. Audi bought the entire stock and relocated it to Germany. Unfortunately they will only sell the parts within Germany and Austria but it's at least good to see Audi actually paying some attention to its 'back catalogue.' http://trshop.audi.de/konakart/SelectCat.do?catId=21&prodsFound=-1&category=Ersatzteile
  26. A South American source for DKWs and other old vehicles is Arcar. http://www.arcar.org/autosantiguos.aspx?qma=dkw

If you know any other suppliers and repairers, feel free to drop me a line.

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