Sunday, July 4, 2021

Bunbury-Geographe Motor Museum

A group of motoring enthusiasts in the south-west of Western Australia have established a motor museum in the city of Bunbury. The museum opened in 2019. It is situated right in the heart of the old part of the city at 21 Wellington Street, Bunbury.

The collection is composed of personal cars of enthusiasts in the area. The entry hall has a strong Ford focus.

There is also a large collection of veteran motorcycles.  This is a rare 1914 Royal Ruby

1925 BSA Round-Tanker

1912 Rudge

1914 Premier

Cracklin' Rosie, a customized Yamaha RD200 that was best in show in the 2019 Hot Rod Show.

View into the main hall.

A Messerschmitt KR201, the iconic German bubblecar.

Some 60 odd Messerschmitt's were sold in Western Australia.

A real rarity in Australia - a 1948 Crosley station wagon

Crosley built budget cars in the US from 1939 to 1958. This model, one of their most popular, was powered by a twin cylinder air-cooled engine. By the 1950s the US was in its big car phase and small car companies like Crosley were unable to compete.

Ford station wagon.

1949 Holden 48-215 (FX)

The museum hosts a large Jawa motorcycle collection. I think this was my favourite. 1951 Jawa 350.

Another British veteran - 1925 Triumph Baby Two Stroke

1929 Triumph CO

1932 BSA V Twin. I believe my grandfather had one of these.

Jawa's most successful model - 1964 Jawa Californian

1959 DOT scrambler

1951 Ariel Red Hunter

CZ scrambler. CZ were the Czechoslovakian budget motorcycle manufacturer, specializing in 125-250cc bikes and scramblers.

Another classic Jawa - 1948 Jawa 250cc in traditional red with a silver tank.

Volkswagen Type 2 utility

Iso Milano scooter


Another Jawa

Velocette LE 'noddy bike.' For inexplicable reasons, the Velocette LE was extremely popular with the British police.

1964 Toyota Tiara utility

1927 Model T Ford and Chevrolet

1939 La Salle

La Salle with Auburn in the background

This is quite a rarity. It is a 1928 Auburn 8-90. The car was delivered in Australia as a chassis and running gear and given a locally built roadster body. The car eventually ended up on a farm where it was used as a runabout. The owners restored the car with an appropriate roadster body.

Unrestored 1950 Lambretta LC 125

1926 AJS

1924 Douglas

The museum has a great collection of model cars. They should consider selling some models as a fund raising venture.

All up Bunbury-Geographe Motor Museum is an interesting diversion when down in Bunbury. The volunteers who have pulled this together have done a great job. For more details, check out their Facebook page -

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