Thursday, March 28, 2024

Classic Cars and Coffee 3rd March 2024

Classic Cars and Coffee in March intersected with several other events so there was a lower than normal turnout. For me, the reduced numbers were actually a blessing as there were no long queues to get in and far less moderns "filling up space." You may guess that I am not a fan of the modern 'classics.' Call me o;d school.... or just call me old. 

It was time to take the Tatra out for a spin. It drove really well and was a pleasure to drive.

An Austin 7 trundles in.

My friend Jim recently purchased this 1934 Austin 7. Although it's a prewar car, it actually drives really well and is pleasure to take out on the road. It's not the fastest, but it brings out the smiles wherever it goes. 

MG A. It's a classic design

The French contingent was out in force as usual.

Twin Alpine A110s

Mike and his new purchase - a 1946 Willys Jeep CP (ignore the licence plate). I have never been a fan of these but after taking me for a drive I realise why they were such a success. For a military vehicle in the 1940s, it drives really well and is surprisingly comfortable for passengers. It's no wonder they continued making them for decades afterwards.

Something a little rarer - a Volvo jeep from the 1970s. This is not so comfortable to drive, but is still a lot of fun. 

The pair together. We just need the Kubelwagen and we'll have a trifecta.

Alpine A110s

Skoda Octavia


A very patinated BSA

The epic Delorean

Landrover forward control cab

Reliant Scimitar. There are actually several of these in Perth

It was perfect classic car driving weather. 

A fine line up

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