Friday, May 11, 2012

The DKW is licensed!

At last! Daisy the DKW is licensed for the road. It seems a long time coming, considering the car was delivered in February, but then good things are worth the wait.

Following the first inspection I had a small list of issues to address. These were relatively minor - tyres, headlights, a couple of minor suspension tweaks and the replacement of a torn CV boot. It was the CV boot that proved to be the most challenging item to address and again this was more due to the time it takes to get parts shipped from Germany.

I ordered two boots from largely because they have a presence on which made purchasing easy. Auto-Masters in Fremantle installed the boot the day after they arrived and I booked the car in for inspection the next day. As it was a re-inspection it was a pretty quick affair - a quick confirmation that all the highlighted issues have been fixed and then we were done!

I would have liked to have kept the South African plates on the car but unfortunately that's not legal so we have Western Australian plates.

The Next Event - 20th May 2012 Classic Car Display, Langley Park, Perth
Sunday 20th May 2012 is National Motoring Heritage Day and there are a number of events on in Perth. The Veteran Car Club of WA (Inc) will be holding a major display of vehicles ranging in age from 1903 to 1987 at Langley Park between 10am and 3pm. We'll be down there with Daisy so let's hope for some nice weather. Entry is free.
Note - the display was originally booked at Supreme Court Gardens but due to damage on the Garden grounds has been moved to Langley Park.

There is also the British Car Day in Gingin.

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