Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DKW Spare Parts Suppliers and Repairers

Here is a list of links to a range of DKW spare parts suppliers and repairers:
  1. Dekabras - a Brazilian NOS spare parts and parts re=manufacturer.  They produce tuning products, including disc brake kits - http://www.dekabras.com.br/inicio.php 
  2. DKW Pecas - another Brazilian DKW-Vemag parts and service provider - http://www.dkwpecas.com.br/
  3. DKW and Auto Solutions are well known in South Africa for their supply of parts and expertise. http://dkwsa.co.za/ and photos here http://heinkelscooter.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/dkw-auto-solutions.html
  4. Hubert in South Africa has a range of spares for DKWs from the 1930s to 1960s.  http://www.whatsinyourpaddock.com.au/ads/346 and email hubert@worldonline.co.za
  5. Mobilitaeten in Germany have a very extensive selection of parts for a wide range of DKW vehicles, including disc brake kits. They also provide servicing and restoration services. I had my fuel gauge serviced by Arne. http://www.mobilitaeten.de/
  6. DKW Hesse provides parts for later models from F89 onwards. http://www.dkwhesse.de/
  7. DKW Klose provides a lot of parts for earlier models, such as the F5 and F7, including fully rebuilt and reconditioned engines. http://www.dkwklose.de/
  8. Autokulturgut has an ebay store with a lot of replacement rubber and parts. https://www.ebay.de/sch/autokulturgut/m.html
  9. Ralf Muller in Germany has a lot of parts available for most post-war DKWs. His email is info.ralf.mueller@t-online.de
  10. DKW Auto is a Dutch based repairer, restorer and supplier -http://www.dkwauto.nl/index.html
  11. Kurt Soezen is a UK based parts source with a substantial stock of NOS and re-manufactured DKW parts.  His e-mail is k.soezen@btinternet.com  
  12. Jorge Caviglia in Argentina is a source for parts.  His email is bue917@yahoo.com.ar
  13. Bernardo Konge in Uruguay is a source of parts.  His email is DKW@adinet.com.uy
  14. Auto Tiele S Baller provides parts and services for IFAs, Barkas and some cross over DKW cars. http://www.autoteile-baller.de/start.htm
  15. Matz Autoteile supplies parts for a range on cars from Borgward, Goliath, NSU and many other interesting machines. http://www.matz-autoteile.de/test/installation/index.php
  16. Framo-Jens supplies Framo, IFA and early DKW parts. http://www.framo-jens.de/index.php?menu=1
  17. Michael Zimmermann supplies IFA F8 and F9 parts. http://www.micha-zimmermann.com/
  18. Medidenta Schramm in Germany supplies a range of parts, especially brakes, electrical parts and accessories. http://www.medidentaschramm.de/index.php
  19. Ostmobile-Shop sells DKW and IFA parts. http://www.ostmobile-shop.de/epages/61489198.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectID=730831
  20. Henri Scholtke sells replacement parts for DKW and IFA vehicles and does engine repairs, crankshaft machining, cylinder machining, dashboard instrument refurbishments, etc. henri_tmp@gmx.de
  21. DKW Karosseriebau manufactures early F series bodywork and upholstery. http://dkw-karosseriebau.de/index.html#
  22. Audi Tradition has a supply of new old stock (NOS) parts that was acquired from a Paraguayan DKW dealer that closed up shop in 2015. http://trshop.audi.de/konakart/SelectCat.do?catId=21&prodsFound=-1&category=Ersatzteile 
  23. This website lists a number of German vendors and restorers. http://www.oldtimer-selbstrestaurieren.de/index.php?menuid=64
  24. A South American source for DKWs and other old vehicles is Arcar. http://www.arcar.org/autosantiguos.aspx?qma=dkw

If you know any other suppliers and repairers, feel free to drop me a line.


  1. A South American source for DKWs and other old vehicles is Arcar. https://www.arcar.org/autosantiguos-dkw

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