Saturday, July 8, 2017

DKW archive

Several years ago I started the Heinkel Scooter Blog to document my restoration of a couple of German scooters. One of those scooters was a IWL Troll from East Germany. The Troll was powered by a MZ engine and MZ was the East German post-war DKW successor. This set me on a search for information about DKW, Germany's premier two-stroke motorcycle manufacturer.

After I wrote a story about DKW's ground breaking two-stroke motor I was surprised to discover that that post received more hits than anything else I'd posted. I began to do more research.

I have now written more than 70 DKW posts  and they continue to draw a good readership. I have  subsequently established an archive where all the DKW posts can be read in order here:

Thanks for your interest.

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