Friday, September 25, 2020

Tatra Offroad Trucks Australia

Tatra is not dead! In fact the company is alive and well and continuing to build the tough, unkillable trucks that made the company famous. Tatra trucks continue the technology and design principles developed by Hans Ledwinka and his team in 1924, including the central tube chassis, independently sprung and driven half axles, bevel drive and air-cooled engines. Tatra trucks regularly compete in the world's toughest endurance challenge, the Paris-Dakar race, with great success.

If you're in need of a hard working truck in Australia, check out Tatra's Australian dealer, Offroad Trucks, Australia, located in the suburb of Maddington in my home city, Perth, Western Australia. They have a range of vehicles for all uses and can have bodies customized for specialist requirements. Check them out here:

Friday, September 18, 2020

Classic Cars and Coffee Sunday 20th September 2020

After a week of beautiful sunshine and warm weather winter returned for the weekend. This resulted in a lower than usual turnout to the September Classic Cars and Coffee. Still, some interesting machinery turned up despite the weather.
Lamborghini and Ferrari drew a lot of attention
Fiat Lancia Club attended in force.

Fiat 500 and Fiat X19
Fiat Lancia Club
Alfa Romeo Guiletta
Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo
Fiat Dino
Vauxhall Zodiac
Jaguar E-Type
Citroen CX
Chevrolet .... something?
Audi R
Regular sponsors Shannon's Insurance and Richard's Tyrepower
There were a lot of silver cars attending today, including my Tatra and this rather gorgeous Ferrari
Tatra T600

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Concessions for Classics Scheme

Earlier this year, after many years of lobbying by the modified community, the State Government announced it would introduce a concessional licensing scheme for modified vehicles. A working group comprising members of the modified community and other stakeholders, including the Council of Motoring Clubs, have been working with the Department of Transport to develop a workable scheme. Details of the new scheme was announced on Sunday 6th September 2020.

Key details of the scheme are:
  • This new category for vehicles manufactured prior to 1990 (not a rolling date);
  • The registration cost will be 75% reduction of full registration cost;
  • To participate, the owner of a vehicle must be a member of a Dept of Transport approved club whilst receiving the concession. The Dept of Transport is taking applications from clubs to join the scheme;
  • Vehicles cannot be used for fee, hire or reward;
  • Modifications must be legal and the same rules for engineering and permits apply as for fully registered vehicles;
  • Standard vehicles are eligible;
  • Annual inspections will not be required;
  • Clubs will be required to ensure that vehicles on the concession are compliant;
  • Vehicles must display an approved plate or label stating “RESTRICTED USE”, which is to be affixed to the top or bottom of the vehicle number plate(s) to identify that the vehicle has restricted road use, where Code 404 retains “HISTORIC” or previously approved descriptors;
  • Usage is restricted to 90 days, which is divided between:
    • 60 days of club sanctioned events. Club sanctioned events must be organized and/or supported by the club's committee prior to the commencement of the event.
    • 30 days of personal use, which must be logged with the club (see below).
    • There is no facility to extend the use over 90 days.
Once the C4C scheme has been implemented owners of vehicles will be able to apply to the DoT for the concession, which may result in a refund in the adjustment to any full vehicle license fees paid.
Enquiries about the new C4C system can be directed to:

Code 404 concession will also modified to align with some of the features of the new C4C scheme. The most important change is to the 'impromptu run' which is replaced by the 90 day limited use rules.
Personal Use:
  • Personal Use will be limited to 30 days per vehicle, per year.
  • Club members must advise their Club Registrar (or other committee member according to the club’s own arrangements) in advance, in the same way they have done for Impromptu Runs to date.
  • Personal Use runs are not limited to a single day, provided advice is given in advance.
  • Clubs must maintain a Log of all Personal Use runs. The Log must record:
    1. The identity of the vehicle owner;
    2. The vehicle and;
    3. Date/s of the run.
    4. It is not necessary to collect any additional information.
  • It is the joint responsibility of the club and club member to ensure the no more than 30 days rule is adhered to.
Club Use:
  • Club Use will be limited to 60 days per vehicle, per year.
  • Club Use is only for club sanctioned events.
  • A club may sanction an event in whatever manner suits – by recording in Minutes of a meeting, in its magazine, on its website, social media page, etc, which must be a provable record. Club sanctioned events must be organized and/or supported by the club’s committee prior to the commencement of the event.
  • For multi-club events it is now required that all clubs with an interest should sanction the event, and where there is no club sanction applicable, the vehicle owner should make their participation a Personal Use run and follow the actions outlined. This differs from the past where only one club needed to sanction an event to allow any Concessionally Licensed car to participate.

Earlier correspondence about the scheme:

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Classic Motoring Calendar, Perth 2020 Updated!

After three months, Western Australia has emerged from the Covid lockdown. Motoring events that were cancelled or postponed are now being rescheduled. As events come back online, I'll post them up here. The events listed below have been, or are in the process of being scheduled. It is possible that some events may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, so please check with the event coordinators closer to the date.

Sunday 13th September 2020 - Orient Express Asian Car Show

For details, check the Facebook event

Sunday 13th September 2020 - York Motor Show

Sunday 20th September 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 27th September 2020 - French Car Festival

The plan is for the revised French Car Festival to run as a one-off special Classic Cars and Coffee event at UWA for French vehicles only. We will have French-themed food and drink vendors, traders, etc. The easy-going nature of this style of event should work well. It’s just 9am to midday, so the lesser time commitment should make it easy for participants to commit. Entry into car park is off Hackett Drive, Crawley.
There’s a lawn area where clubs can set up tents as hospitality areas for their members and to attract newcomers. All of this is on the basis there’s not another wave of COVID-19 restrictions at the time… No cost for car exhibitors to participate.

Sunday 27th September 2020 - Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Due to Covid restrictions applying in some jurisdictions, this year's DGR will be a solo ride event. If you want to participate, check out the website and register for a ride.

Sunday 4th October 2020 - Rotary Club of Como Car Show

The Rotary Club of Como car show is confirmed. To attend with your vehicle, please register here: It's a great show for the family with coffee, sausage size, raffles, and great cars on display. For updates, check out the Facebook event here:

Sunday 11th October 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 11th October 2020 - Brockwell Classic Run

Save the date, Sunday, October 11th, 2020 and be part of the iconic “Brockwell Run”. This is open to all motoring and motorcycle clubs leaving the Motor Museum of WA at 10.00 am and heading for a beautiful drive into the country. Assemble from 8.00 am in front of the Motor Museum in Whiteman Park with Flag off at 10.00am. Save the date! Expressions of interest can be lodged on our Facebook Events page

Sunday 18th October 2020 - Moto Italiane Ovest

Sunday 25th October 2020 - German Car Day

Sunday 1st November 2020 - Bella Italia (Italian Car Day)

Online ticketing:

Sunday 15th November 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee
Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 15th November 2020 - Moto Italiano

A unique display of Italy's finest automobiles and motorcycles. Free public display 9am to 1pm at 520 Guildford Road, Bayswater.

Sunday 29th November 2020 - Celebration of the Motorcar

Sunday 6 December 2020 - Day of the Volkswagen

Wilson Park, Fremantle.

Sunday 27 December 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee
Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Past events and cancelled events

Saturday 4th January 2020 - EH Holden Club Sunset at Herne Hill

The EH Car Club of Western Australia is hosting an event open to all types of Cars and Bikes. It will be a family friendly event showcasing all types of Vehicles and a relaxing evening with a great Sunset over the Vineyards and Wineries in the Beautiful Swan Valley. The event is called Sunset 2020 at Herne Hill on Saturday 4th January 2020 at 4pm till 8pm. There will be an entry of $10 per display vehicle. Swan Athletic Club McDonald Street, Herne Hill

Sunday 12th January 2020 - Ride for Australia Bush Fire Appeal

In light of this year's terrible bush-fires, West Coast Garage has organized a fund raising ride. Meet at Munchies car-park in Fremantle, 2 Beach Street at 10am. $20 per bike or car. Follow on the Facebook page - Donations and tickets through Go Fund Me

Sunday 19th January 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA
Photos from the day:

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February 2020 - Big Boys Toys

Sunday 16th February 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 16th February 2020 - Northam Vintage Swap Meet

Monday 2nd March 2020 - VCC Display Day

Part of the North Perth Community Fair.

Saturday 7th March 2020 - Electrikhana Perth

Electrikhana is Australia’s longest running electric vehicle expo and test-drive day. Run by the WA branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, Electrikhana is your chance to get in or hop on, and test-drive or ride the latest electric vehicle offerings. The event is part of the City of Canning’s 'Changing Your World Conference and Fair.' Test-drives will be run from 10 am to 3 pm.

Sunday 8th March 2020 - Shannon's Classic Car Show

The biggest classic motoring event on the Perth calendar went off like a firecracker! It was a hugely successful event. Photos from the big day are here:

Sunday 15th March 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Business School Car-park, Hackett Drive, UWA
Photos from the day. This proved to the be the last classic car event before the lock-down:

Sunday 15th March 2020 - Charger Club Super Cruise

IMPORTANT UPDATES - Corona Virus shut downs

The Australian Government announced on 13 March 2020 that, in order to stop the spread of the corona virus, public events attracting over 500 people, would be banned from Monday 16th March 2020. For many event organizers, this has resulted in the voluntary postponement of events. Consequently, all events after this date should be regarded as cancelled or postponed until further notice. If in doubt, please check with the organizers.

Sunday 22nd March 2020 - Centenary Motorcycle Display and Swap Meet (cancelled)

This year the annual motorcycle show and swap meet is open to anyone with a motorcycle manufactured over 25 years ago. 22 March 2020 at the Cannington Showgrounds, cnr Albany H'Way and Station St. The event has been cancelled for the time being.

Saturday 28th March 2020 - Brookton Old Time Motor Show (cancelled)

Sunday 5th April 2020 - French Car Festival (postponed)

As you’d be very aware, the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on events (and everything else) around the world. The French Car Festival was scheduled for April 5th, which is clearly unworkable now.
The intention is not to cancel the event, but to postpone it – with the last Sunday in September being the date we’re aiming for. I’m in negotiations with Leederville Connect and the relevant authorities with a view to running French Car Festival 2020 on that date.

Sunday 12th April 2020 - All Australian Car Day (cancelled)

It is with great regret that we announce the cancellation of the All Australian Car Day 2020 which was scheduled to be held in Waroona on Sunday the 12th April. After discussion with The Shire of Waroona and our major sponsor ALCOA, we are heeding advice from the Federal Government and Health Department with their recommendation to cancel events that attract visitors over 500 people.

Sunday 19th April 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee (cancelled)
Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 19th April 2020 - York Motorcycle Festival (cancelled)

Sunday 19th April 2020 - Curtin Radio Classic Car Spectacular (cancelled)

Sunday 17th May 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee (cancelled)
Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 31st May 2020 - Distinguished Gentleman's Drive (cancelled)

Sadly, the inaugural Distinguished Gentleman's Drive has been deferred to next year. Follow on their Facebook page

Sunday 28th June 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee (cancelled)
Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA

Sunday 15th November 2020 - GM Owners Day (cancelled)

Sunday 16th August 2020 - Classic Cars and Coffee

Time to get back on the horse at the UWA Business School Carpark, Hackett Drive, UWA. Photos from the day: