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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Motor Museum of WA 2020 visit

On 19th July 2020 I attended a classic car club meeting at the Motor Museum of WA at Whiteman Park. There are regular changes among the displays to keep things fresh.

In the new wing there is an extensive racing display

Caversham raceway display. I believe that the government has agreed to preserve the Caversham raceway, although not as an active raceway. There was a risk that the area would be reclassed for urban redevelopment and the heritage racecourse would disappear forever.

Two locally built custom racers 

1946 Ford V8 Debonde Sports

1951 "Smith's Special" V8

BMW electric roadster

Leyland P76 coupe. If this coupe had made it into production it would have given Holden and Ford a real run for their money. The Leyland P76 gets a lot of bagging as a lemon, but they were really good cars for Australian conditions.

1956 Ford Thunderbird

Mercedes-Benz 300

The Delorean

What most people come to see - Daniel Ricciardo's Grand Prix winning Renault.

Replica of Fremantle motorcycle pioneer, Arthur Grady's 1926 Douglas. On a bike like this he completed the first circumnavigation of Australia by motorbike.

1931 Cadillac

1946 Ford V8 Deluxe Sedan

Outback life

1923 Shelvoke and Drewery transporter

The veteran section

Model T Ambulance

Detroit Electric

Model T Ford

1898 Star

1903 De Dion Bouton

1900 Oldsmobile

1929 Packard

The Packard

Vintage row

The Cubitt

Austin Sevens

Rolls Royce and Bentley


1950 Ford Prefect

Military version of the FJ Holden ute. The main change was the removal of chrome and brightware. Only a few vehicles were built for trials, but it never went into production.

1957 Velocette Valiant. Note the covered engine

NSU Supermax

1956 Puch motorcycle


The pioneers - the 1888 Benz and Daimler. Note the museum is now using the information panels I drafted for the Classic Car Show in 2020.

The Daimler motorcycle was developed as test vehicle. It was never intended to go into production. Gottleib Daimler shortly aftewards mounted the engine in a four person carriage.

1956 Lloyd 600.

1946 Salisbury Super Scooter.

1925 DOT Bradshaw, oil cooled engine

Custom FJ Holden station wagon.

1934 De Soto Airflow. One of my favourite vehicles in the collection.

1960 Honda Dream


1958 Lambretta Li125

Velocette Viceroy. I would love one of these rare beasts.

1938 DKW RT250

The Motor Museum of WA is open seven days a week. Check out the website: