Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ceske Krumlov Jawa Museum

There is a small Jawa motorcycle museum in the beautiful little town of Ceske Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It's only a small collection, housed above a restaurant (you get free entry to the museum if you eat at the restaurant and spend over a certain amount). The collection is mainly composed of Jawa motorcycles - about 20 - plus assorted other bikes, including a 1930s Ariel, a 1940s military Harley Davidson, a 1974 BMW and an NSU. Downstairs is also a vintage Tatran motorcar.

Note- the Lonely Planet guide incorrectly locates this museum in nearby Ceske Budovice.

A 1966 Tatran 125 motor scooter. I almost bought one of these but opted instead for the Troll as IWL parts were easier to source.

A very cute 1956 Jawa 50cc moped. There were a couple of these on display at the MZ museum also.

A beautiful German NSU motorcycle.

A 1940's Harley Davidson. This one still needed quite a bit of work.

A small selection of the Jawa motorcycles.
A 1974 BMW. I think this bike belonged to the museum owner and he had ridden it on some epic journey. There were photos and press clippings but not being able to read Czech I can't say for sure.

This Jawa 50cc Pioneer moped was parked on the street a little way out of town. At my insistence we stopped to take a photo. The owners were looking at us (me!) like I was mad.

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