Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Made in USSR Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

In an old flour warehouse near the port in Tallinn, Estonia is the Made in USSR museum. It's a rather odd and eclectic collection of cars, mopeds (quite a large collection), motorcycles and military vehicles. Unfortunately I didn't take down all the details of all the vehicles I photographed, partly because I'm quite lazy and partly because there was very little information provided about the vehicles. If anyone can identify them, please let me know. I know there were a few Pannonian motorcycles.

The location, a partially derelict and quite dirty old warehouse was perhaps a fitting place to display this collection and it certainly added to the atmosphere of the place.

The military hardware section was in an alleyway outside

A collection of Soviet cars.

A ZAZ 986a


A cute little ZAZ

A Riga (RMZ) moped. There was a large collection of these.

Russian copy of the German DKW 350

I think this one was a Dnepr based on an MZ

A Czechoslovakian Jawa

More Riga mopeds

Jawa moped

I think this was a Pannonian

A Ural or Dnepr and a sidecar. These were originally BMW r60s built under license in Russia in the 1940s. Ural are still exporting their product around the world.

A Tula motorscooter. I was surprised at how large it was (the photos don't quite do it justice). It must have been a heavy beast to ride. I'd still like one thought.

Tula triporter


  1. Great pics. Thank you. I have been there in 2009. Do you know if this still exists? Thanks for telling me, yrs Robert

    1. Hi Robert. I don't know if it's still open. I suspect not. The last post I could find online referring to the place was in 2013. The website is now dead.